10 Best Proxy Sites for Safer Anonymous Browsing

The internet world is a place for everyone, including many proxy websites. A mixture of fun, entertainment but sometimes a dark and evil place. Where once your free speech and opinions can be put on a pedestal and the next day they will be thrown out of the conversation like trash. The right to privacy is a major issue, even on the Internet, where sometimes the most important thing can be displayed on the Internet as a public product.

To avoid all this while you are browsing the internet, there are ways or websites to make your browsing experience anonymous. Then parties like your internet service provider or maybe the government (in some cases) won’t be able to figure out what you’re doing on the internet.

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It is important to know that when using a proxy, a connection must be established between the proxy and the website you are using so that there is no interference from a third party. This is where proxy servers come in and act as middlemen so that there is no more spying. Today, check out the top 10 proxy websites available for you to have an anonymous browsing experience.


First in the list of proxy websites is this one. It is one of the most recommended free proxy servers and it has a satisfactory result. It offers you 10 servers to choose from and you can change it manually at any time. There are also no imposed speed limits. Proxy K has a good track record for avoiding detections. You can simply download a browser extension and surf safely.

Hide me

Hide.me allows you to disable cookies, scripts and objects on any site. However, the limitation of this proxy is that it does not work on sites like Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest but has a good number of servers. The advantage is that it doesn’t log your IP address and databases, so you can rest assured that you’re browsing privately.


Anonymouse is one of the oldest proxy servers running since 1997 and still one of the most trusted proxy servers. It is very easy to identify a proxy comparatively when using Anonymouse. The security they offer may not be the best, but they are constantly improving. That’s why they even came up with a VPN (virtual private network).


This brand has a very direct relationship with its customers. They openly tell users that some free proxies may not work on certain websites, so they have a trusting relationship with all users. It shows you estimated server speeds, but the majority are in the US, you can also get new IP addresses. The extension is available on the Firefox browser.

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Without Prox

Another on the list of proxy websites is Proxfree. It has a solid security reach as it has 7 servers in North America and Europe, providing a wide geographic reach as well. When choosing a server, you can automatically be located on the fastest IP address and you also have the option of choosing it manually.


Proxysite is the best website when it comes to using social media. It also supports Youtube and Facebook. It provides browsing security with Secure Socket Layer encryption. This site also offers the ability to block ads and this feature is generally loved by everyone, also allowing users to switch servers in multiple countries at the same time.

hide my ass

This is another good one in the list of proxy websites. Hide My Ass proxy servers cater to free and pro versions. The free version is usually for private browsing and the pro version can even work on games and other apps. Offers access to restricted websites and enables safe online banking with good connection speed.


It is kind of a different proxy server as it provides users with anonymous browsing even when streaming audio and video. You can watch YouTube anonymously and use features such as “comment” and “like”. Can even be used on Android and Chrome OS.

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One of the very few proxy servers that lets you browse Facebook and Youtube without charging a processing fee. You should be aware that any changes in enabling or disabling cookies, encrypted URLs or scripts must be made at the start of sessions.


No additional installments of other apps are required to run this proxy server and is available on multiple platforms including your mobile phone. This proxy is distributed in the United States and Europe and can be used in many other countries.

These proxy servers do not guarantee you all success, but it is definitely a way to improve your privacy settings when browsing the Internet.

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