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317 Charcuterie offers many fun options

Screenwriter / Megan Arszman
Photographer / Justin Sicking

In Italy, a successful dinner is a dinner that is lived. ThisIt’s one of Emily Houser’s biggest lessons from studying abroad while in college, and it’s what she strives to do every day as the owner and operator of 317 Charcuterie, located in downtown Carmel.

I fell in love with the art of charcuterie,” says Houser. You eat with your eyes first.

After spending 13 years in the restaurant industry, Houser launched 317 Charcuterie as an order-only business in July 2021, working out of a commercial kitchen in Carmel. Her dream came true when she opened her store in November. Now, 317 Charcuterie offers on-site dining, workshops, private events and catering options.

From one person to 400, the parties and events caterer isa problem for Houser and his deli team. Customers looking for a sophisticated snack can partake in a new option, ideal for those who like to take out and on the go – Char-Cutie Cups. Houser describes them as the perfect afternoon snack with two types of salami, a variety of cheeses and fruits, and an artisan crisp.

Charcuterie boards can be a combination of artisan meats and cheeses, olives, fruits and nuts, perfect for satisfying sweet or savory lovers. Houser chooses its charcuterie products based on the complementarity of each component and seeks regional tastes and specialties. Even vegetarians can partake in a board, thanks to new vegetarian salami options.

For the guy or girl who often enjoys throwing parties and gatherings, there might be a desire to learn how to plan the perfect table. In order to share his love of creating art with food, Houser offers live classes and workshops where selecting the right meats, cheeses, fruits and more is discussed, as well as how to properly and artistically display them on a array or table.

In an effort to keep food fresh and safe for consumption, catering and orders are only delivered locally (no shipping). Each item is packed tightly for delivery so items stay in place and stay fresh.

Orders are accepted at least 24 hours in advance, with particular emphasis on public holidays. We sometimes need a little extra lead time for certain items if there isIt’s a specific request, so we suggest you give us a call as soon as possible,” Houser says.

You can visit 317 Charcuterie at 61 City Center Drive in Carmel, or visit 317charcuterie.com for menus and ordering options. Call 317-564-0034 for more information.

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