9 Chrome Extensions to View and Organize Your Browsing History

Google Chrome does a great job of recording your browsing history and storing it for a long enough period. But searching for a particular webpage you visited can be a bit tricky. There’s no option to jump to a specific date, and the infinite scroll just makes it worse.

If you need to revisit web pages frequently, it might be a good idea to try these Chrome extensions. They organize your browsing history and allow you to view it easily.

1. A Better Story

As the name suggests, Better History offers a much better view of your browsing history. It has a clean interface and multiple options for finding history items.

As this extension organizes your browsing history by devices, days and times, finding any page in your browsing history is quite easy, if you know when you visited the site. Hover over any history item and click More on the site to view your other visits to the site.

It has a handy search bar where you can search for your website visits and downloads. Using the right-click context menu, you can view the history of visits to the website you are currently on.

Deleting history is also simple. You can do this individually or delete the entire browsing time from your history. With over 60,000 downloads, this is surely a popular extension to organize Chrome history.


To download: A better story for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Recent history

When you click on its icon, recent history opens a small pop-up on the side, displaying your recently visited web pages. You can choose Show all history to open the detailed yet simple view of all your browsing history.

Recent History allows you to organize history in both chronological and reverse chronological order. Similarly, you can choose to see all visited web pages or just website names.

It also features a search bar. You can filter and delete history items by date. The extension is quite customizable, so you can change the look and behavior to your liking. For example, you can define domains that you don’t want to include in your history.

Recent History has a featured badge from the Chrome Web Store and has 40,000 downloads.

To download: Recent history for Google Chrome (Free)

3. History Manager

History Manager is a simple add-on to search and organize your browsing history by date. You can search for keywords to find visited sites. Alternatively, you can specify start and end dates, and it displays all the sites you visited during that time.

In the Stats tab, you can view your website browsing time as a donut chart. Additionally, it displays a success rate graph that shows which websites you have clicked on the most.

To prevent certain websites from appearing in the history, you can add domains to the list of invisible items. It allows you to delete items individually or by searching for a particular keyword and clearing all results that appear. Similarly, you can delete all history from Google Chrome by clicking Delete all.

To download: History manager for Google Chrome (Free)

4. Story Master

History Master provides a tabular account of your history, organizing websites visited by date and time. By default, it lets you see the history of the last seven days via the sidebar. But you can use the date filters at the top to access previous history.

It counts your visits to each website, letting you know which websites you visit the most. It allows you to search for certain items in the history and delete them. You can delete all day history together.

The Statistics tab is full of interesting information. It displays a graph of the total number of pages you visited each day. You can adjust the time range of this graph to show your browsing habits. Similarly, you can view the top ten websites with the most visits.

Even better, it lets you export and import your Chrome history.

To download: History teacher for Google Chrome (Free)

5. Improved History

Enhanced History is a featured extension and displays your browsing history through the context toolbar.

Clicking the extension icon opens recent history. You can jump to any specific date and time. Like almost all extensions, it has a search bar and the option to delete history by hour or individually.

Being a simple extension, it doesn’t offer any unique functionality, but provides a better interface to view your Chrome history.

To download: Improved history for Google Chrome (Free)

6. History by date

History by date does exactly what it says on the box: lets you view browsing history by date. Even better, it organizes your history based on continuous browsing sessions.

Suppose you are browsing from 1pm to 2.30pm and then from 4pm to 6pm on May 10th. When you jump to that date, it will show the time and the number of pages visited in each of the two browsing sessions.

By clicking on the More icon expands the history, and here you can see the sites you have visited. You can filter specific domains by typing them or selecting them from the drop-down list. Moreover, this extension tracks your time on the web and displays the total time spent browsing each day.

If you are looking for an open source add-on, this is a good choice.

To download: History by date for Google Chrome (Free)

7. Chrome Visual History

For those who want to view their browsing history, Chrome Visual History is a solid choice. This simple extension displays four pie charts. These charts show websites visited today, this week, this month, and forever.

Hovering over a specific part of the graph shows the total number of visits to that domain. In addition to that, it displays the URL of visited pages on the right side.

To download: Chrome visual history for Google Chrome (Free)

8. Tree Style History

Tree Style History takes a different approach to organizing your history. It displays an expandable tree-style history.

By default, the website name is displayed. When you expand the history by clicking on the plus icon, the individual pages are displayed. On the right side, there is an option to filter history by date.

With these two features, you can easily access your browsing history. On top of that, it even displays your bookmarks. There are several customization options you can try.

To download: Tree Style History for Google Chrome (Free)

9. Historical Map

If you want to map a page without getting lost in your browsing history, History Map is a great extension. It maps your history in the order of pages visited.

For each new tab, it starts a new map and displays the pages visited thereafter. Although it is a bit unique, it can be useful in some cases. But finding an older story might be a bit difficult. There is a search box, so you can try searching by keyword.

To download: Historical map for Google Chrome (Free)

Resume your interrupted browsing sessions

Whether you just need a clean interface or more options for finding visited web pages, these extensions work great. They can view your history in the form of graphs, maps and trees.

However, most extensions organize your browsing history by time and date, making it easy to resume interrupted browsing sessions in case Chrome Journeys isn’t working for you.

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