Adamus Resources CEO visits downed security guard on duty ahead of operation

Adamus Resources CEO Angela List alongside Paul Gyetuah at UGMC Hospital

Nguvu Holdings Managing Director Angela List visited Paul Gyetuah at the University of Ghana Medical Center.

Paul Gyetuah, a security guard, was allegedly assaulted while on duty, an incident that left him injured. The victim must be operated on because the doctors are eager to save his life.

Paul Gyetuah, according to doctors at the facility, suffered massive lung damage after being shot in the chest and in the eyes.

Already, doctors have confirmed that his right eye is damaged beyond repair.

However, the medical team is currently doing their best to save his remaining left eye.

Informing the managing director of Nguvu Holdings, Adamus mine operators, Angela List, when she visited the employee in the hospital, the doctors further disclosed that Paul Gyatuah’s life hangs in the balance. to a thread as he continues to suffer bleeding in the head from the bullets. lodged in his brain.

The victim is to undergo life-saving surgery at UGMC Hospital where he is currently being treated.

The attack on the security guard about two weeks ago came a day after a clash between state security officers and community members protesting the arrest of some illegal miners that would have encroached on the Adamus Resources site.

Confirming the incident in an interview, the mining company’s security chief, Alhassan Muniru, said his colleague was referred to the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) for further attention and treatment due to of the seriousness of his case.

“I received a call on Saturday at dawn saying that one of my security guards had been shot dead by unknown persons. He was rushed to Eikwe Ho. I followed and saw that he had been shot in the head, eye, chest and right shoulder.

“Doctors did everything they could but his condition was deteriorating so they then referred him to the University of Ghana Medical Center where he is currently fighting for his life,” he said. Explain.

Last week, aggrieved individuals attacked Essiama police station and caused damage to property including louver blades, windows and cars.

Youths in numbers also attacked some government institutions, according to the police.

Reports say the attack was the aftermath of the death of a community member, an incident that occurred during a scuffle between the youths and state security agents who were dispersing the restless youths protesting against the arrest of some 28 illegal miners at Nkroful District Court. .

According to Muniru, this is not the first time the Adamus Resources mine site has been overrun by illegal miners.

He noted that regular encroachment tends to put the lives of company workers at risk.

“I have to say that has been on the agenda; illegal miners invade and encroach on part of the claim almost every day, and sometimes I have to remove security guards in fear for their lives.

“There are many times when we have to stop mining operations because of illegal miners – they will attack security personnel at their workstations, attack workers, and out of fear for their lives, sometimes they refuse to go to work. “, he lamented.

Meanwhile, Adamus Resources management says it is working with relevant stakeholders to avoid a repeat of the April 1 incident that resulted in the death of one person.

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