Angkor Resources extends community development to indigenous communities in Cambodia

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. – TheNewswire – January 27, 2022 – Angkor Resources Corp. (TSXV: ANK) (OTC:ANKOF) (“Angkor” or “the Company”) reports that it has advanced the agreement with the Jarai indigenous communities by adding a latrine and water filter project, requested by and for the communities on the Andong Meas license.

As part of the agreement, residents of Jarai learn skills, receive training and education, and are hired as part of the exploration team in exploration activities. In addition, Angkor collaborates with communities to hear their needs and propose solutions with stakeholders.

Community projects continue to be undertaken with Angkor and the indigenous communities collectively through the Andong Meas License. Previously, Angkor participated in the administration building of the community and the company was recently asked to participate in sanitation and drinking water initiatives. A joint effort by families to build their own latrines and install water filters for drinking water is currently underway.

In groups of five, families can ask for help to build outdoor latrines. Angkor helps with porcelain toilets, PVC piping and metal roofing and each family completes their own design, materials, labor and size of latrine. Four Jarai villages applied to participate in the program. Each group of five families in each community completes their latrines before the community identifies the next five families to participate, forming support teams within each village. The selection of participating families is left entirely to Aboriginal groups.

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Families will use brick for the base, then choose to use wood, metal, concrete block or brick for the side walls. As the majority of houses consist of one open room, latrines improve sanitation and increase privacy. Illnesses and illnesses are greatly reduced for families who have access to latrines and clean drinking water.

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Angkor is also helping to develop small businesses in rural villages, including making concrete rings for things like septic tanks for latrines or culverts for roads. Training for business development in Indigenous communities is welcome and pays big dividends in community relations.

Angkor provides water filters to village schools in the area where the company works so that students and staff have access to safe drinking water. The filters will remove ecoli and coliforms at levels as high as 2000ppm down to a safe level of

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The ceramic filters are manufactured and tested in Cambodia by Resource Development International (RDI), just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. The filters are portable, efficient and use local clay and rice husk materials with a silver nitrate coating inside the ceramic bowl.

Angkor works with local and international NGOs where they wish to be involved but do not have staff on the ground to facilitate projects, especially in remote areas. Collaborating with multiple organizations using best practices maximizes benefits.

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Indigenous families and many remote villages in Cambodia see disputes over land titles and tenure security as the highest priority issue. Members continue to have a strong need for improvement in four main areas:

D Weeks, CEO and former Vice President of Social Development, comments: “These programs are essential in laying the foundations for improved health and well-being, but just as importantly, they reflect how Angkor has chosen to do business. It’s an essential part of making communities healthier, people happier, and ultimately projects successful. »

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Angkor’s social programs over the past 12 years have focused on community development in these four areas and have been designed based on each community’s needs assessment. About 45% of Cambodia’s 200,000 Indigenous Peoples (IPs) live in Ratanakiri Province, where Angkor has hosted the majority of its projects. IPs represent approximately 1.3% of the total population of the Kingdom.


Angkor Resources Corp. is a public company, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, and is one of the leading resource optimizers in Cambodia with several licenses in the NE quadrant of the country. In 2020, the company received approval and entered into negotiations on the terms of the Production Sharing Agreement (PSC) for Block VIII, a 7,300 square kilometer oil and gas license in Cambodia.


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