Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla team up to improve your browsing experience

Google, Apple, Microsoft, MozillaComment, Igalia and Bocoup, have partnered to launch the Interop 2022 benchmark. This is an initiative of all major browser vendors and other stakeholders to address major browser compatibility issues identified by developers website. Simply put, the initiative will improve cross-browser compatibility of apps, features, and services. According to a blog post by googleInterop 2022 will improve the development experience for the web in 15 key areas.
This isn’t the first time browsers have come together to resolve compatibility issues. In 2019, Mozilla, Google, and others also partnered in the form of MDN Developer Needs Assessment Surveys and the In-Depth Browser Compatibility Report. These reports provided insights to address key challenges faced by web platform developers and led to the Compat 2021 effort.
The 15 key areas that Interop 2022 will work on include cascading layers, color spaces and CSS color functions, new viewport units, scrolling, subgrid and element . At its core, Interop 2022 is a rolling metric generated from a set of automated tests that aims to gauge support for certain web standards important to web developers. As Apple explains in its WebKit blog, “The Interop 2022 dashboard will be constantly updated throughout the year, showing progress as browser engineers fix bugs, implement new features, and improve the tests.”
Microsoft says greater vendor participation in the initiative and a broader scope of interoperability areas to address, Interop 2022 will help web platforms evolve this year.

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