Apple’s Lock Mode may not be safe for online browsing; here’s why

As Apple prepares to launch iOS 16 at the Far Out event in September, a private company has claimed that one of the operating system’s new features puts users’ privacy at risk while browsing. on line. According to a report by Apple Insiderthe new lock mode increases the security of users’ iPhones but decreases the privacy of their device while surfing online.

Lockdown mode can compromise user anonymity

The post quotes John Ozbay, CEO of privacy firm Cryptee, as saying that the way Apple’s Lockdown Mode works informs websites whether or not someone is using Lockdown Mode. Ozbay elaborates by explaining how websites work. Essentially, websites use multiple device-based resources to load and present content such as fonts, images, embedded videos, etc.

However, when users enable lockdown mode, websites will not be able to access these resources and detect that the user has enabled high security mode. It is also important to mention here that websites have access to a user’s IP address. Therefore, if they combine the lock mode information with the user’s IP address, high security mode becomes a privacy risk in itself.

The publication also quotes Ozbay as saying, “Lockdown mode makes you safer, but also makes it easier for you to identify yourself in a crowd.” It is important to mention here that the IP address of the users says a lot about them, including the city from which they are accessing the Internet, the postal code, as well as the name of the Internet service provider.

In the wrong hands, this information may be enough to identify and locate someone. Cryptee also created a proof of concept that shows how websites can determine if a user is in lockdown mode or not.

In related news, Apple is gearing up for the launch event which is set to take place in a few weeks, and ahead of the event, it looks like the company has finished iOS 16. In the latest report, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says that Apple developers and engineers have finished working on the initial version of iOS 16 which is supposed to come out with the launch of the iPhone 14.

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