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The local company is a reference for your industrial surplus needs

Screenwriter / Amy Lant-Wenger
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Drive through any thoroughfare around northern Indiana, border to border, and it will be easy to see that this Midwestern hub always seems to be in perpetual motion.

It is a leader in the field of agriculture. And it’s a reputable force for the recreational vehicle industry. The region has woken up from the crisis and demonstrated its resilience in the face of economic hardship and a global pandemic.

Under the direction of a skilled workforce at the helm, there are a myriad of machines, industrial and otherwise, that are essential to the running of countless operations. And when a certain part wobbles, even if it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the repercussions can be crippling.

This is where the expertise of Arrow Industrial Sales can, and has been, a real lifesaver for many companies and individuals. With an easily accessible location in rural Millersburg, Indiana, staff work diligently to ensure customers can find what they need to save valuable time and energy and ensure systems continue to operate with maximum efficiency.

industrial boomThe vast majority of the major players behind the ownership of the Millersburg facility are members of the Wingard family, all of whom are brothers, Glen (director of research), Daniel (sales, logistics), Chris (director), Wayne (sales), Earl (maintenance) and Larry (logistics) and a staff of 26 employees. It was around 2009 that the brothers became interested in auctions specifically targeting excess industrial inventory. After realizing that there was a viable market for new and refurbished equipment, they turned this avenue into a business venture.

Arrow Industrial is experienced in parts removal, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning and demolition. They have a fleet of trucks to move equipment and a professional, licensed and insured moving team with over 110 years of combined industrial experience. Arrow offers a wide range of equipment including excavators, heavy haul trucks and forklifts with capacities up to 75,000 LB. Arrow offers fair prices for the equipment they purchase and can get the job done quickly.

Wayne also noted that while many businesses in the region have been heavily impacted by the lingering effects of the coronavirus outbreak, the circumstances have given Arrow Industrial a chance to grow and build on their customer service experiences. . With a number of businesses experiencing service interruptions and other similar issues, companies have sometimes found that certain elements of their productivity quickly become obsolete, making repairs and replacements difficult to obtain in times of sudden change. . Customers have found they can rely on Arrow Industrial personnel to get results faster, with the distinct advantage of being locally based and owned. Wayne added that it’s not unusual for workers to linger past normal business hours, waiting for shipments that needed to be moved quickly for business.

industrial boom

With over 43,000 SKUs, Arrow Industrial sells and ships products worldwide daily via FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, as well as trucking items or providing courier services for time-sensitive items. Arrow also sells a lot of equipment to local businesses, including pallet racks, chain hoists, conveyors, and many other industrial material handling chain items.

Arrow Industrial Sales has a distribution warehouse of over 160,000 square feet in the town of Millersburg, Indiana, most of which is stocked with inventory. There is an extensive collection of items available which can be purchased locally or by visiting the company’s eBay store at The company is located at 230 Wabash Street in Millersburg, and the phone number is 574-349-6575. They can also be contacted by email at [email protected]

industrial boom

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