Auburn Cares offers resources for struggling students

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Many students experience difficulties during their college studies, either for academic reasons or for personal reasons. Common stressors include illness, injury, mental health, academic difficulties, or financial problems. These life events can interfere with a student’s ability to achieve their goals, both inside and outside the classroom.

Auburn Cares is here to help. Our office is designed to help students throughout their college career to best achieve their academic and extracurricular goals. Our staff works collaboratively with students to identify resources and develop personal action plans.

Some of the services provided by Auburn Cares staff are navigation of campus and community resources, exploration and referral for mental health issues, coordination and follow-up during and after illness or injury. , assistance with financial difficulties, orientation in university policies and crisis management.

Students can be referred to Auburn Cares by anyone through the online referral form on the Auburn Cares website. Students can also self-refer to access support and assistance. Auburn University faculty and staff can request an Auburn Cares outreach presentation for their department if they would like to learn more about the services offered.

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