Best Chrome Flags to Improve Navigation in September 2022

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Chrome flags come and go at a rapid pace, with some becoming full browser features while others disappear forever. These features have been aptly renamed “Experiments” by Google because they allow you to enable, disable, and customize various features not yet found in the main version of Chrome. Chrome Flags are hidden experimental features of Chrome Browser that have not yet been integrated into the main Chrome interface. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that these features exist because they have an unconventional way to access them, or simply don’t use them because they are experimental and may have the opposite effect. If you want cool new features in Chrome Browser or want to speed up Chrome, Chrome Flags can help. Although there are hundreds of flags, not all of them are created to improve the Chrome experience or even used by ordinary users.

Here is the list of the best Chrome flags to improve navigation

smooth scrolling

However, a common complaint is using the Google Chrome browser and stuttering while scrolling. Many commentators are quick to blame Microsoft and the trackpad, while ignoring the fact that the conversion in the Edge browser is much better. The reason for the difference? Let’s say Google has a bad browsing history on Windows because of the choices it makes for mouse integration. Luckily, there’s a quick fix you can enable to make it work better. Software conversion is a very useful feature that can be found in almost all major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and more. Smooth scrolling makes a webpage scroll smoothly and makes it easier to read a long webpage.

Without smooth navigation, the browser will go straight to the page and it won’t look right. Surprisingly, Google Chrome, one of the most popular and used web browsers, lacks this key feature. Google Chrome has competitors like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and others. However, of all these, Microsoft Edge seems to be Google Chrome’s biggest competitor. Just like Google Chrome, the Edge browser offers users a lot of features and the browser is lightweight compared to Chrome. Smooth Scroll offers a settings page where you can adjust the frame rate, animation duration, and scroll step size. And if you want, you can also use the setting to only rotate the mouse or the keyboard.

Activate LiteVideos

If you’re looking to save internet data and don’t mind watching standard quality videos, turn this flag on. This flag will tell media queries that your internet connection is slow, so videos will only load in SD quality. Google Chrome has long helped store valuable data with its data backup tool, which eventually became the Lite mode we know. According to TechDows, Google is working on a Lite mode that allows you to play videos in SD. As noted on the Chromium bug tracker, the feature is now called LiteVideos. This allows websites to “resend SD-quality clips by simulating low-bandwidth conditions by reducing media responses, allowing adaptive MSE video players to reduce access and consume less data.”

Configuring the first HTTPS mode

Chrome to keep your website visits safe. Ahead, even if you visited the HTTP site, if supported, Chrome will download the HTTPS version of the page, and if not possible, it will warn you before loading the site. Google is currently testing new security settings for the first HTTPS mode in Chrome (along with a new neutral HTTPS flag) on ​​how to enable it. Chrome defaults all address bar website visits to HTTPS. This change was recently introduced in version 90. Google now offers the ability to manage it through the Security Settings option. Mozilla Firefox first suggested setting HTTPS mode (not enabled by default), then Edge with automatic HTTPS. Now Google Chrome will join two popular browsers

Group tabs

There are two different people in the world: tab minimalists who open multiple tabs at once, and many other tab collectors. For minimalists and collectors, we have a new way to organize your pages in the Chrome browser: tab groups. This feature is now available in the Chrome beta. Now, with the right mouse button, you can group your shortcuts and mark them with a specific name and color. Once the tabs are merged, you can move and arrange them on the shortcut row. We’ve been testing tab groups (like some of you) for months and researching new ways to stay organized. Through our use and initial user research, we found that some people like to group Chrome tabs by theme. For example, it helps if you are working on multiple projects or looking for multiple buy and review sites.

Others have grouped their tags by urgency: “As soon as possible”, “this week” and “later”. Similarly, groups of shortcuts allow you to keep track of your success on certain tasks: “not started”, “in progress”, “to watch” and “completed”. My advice is that you can use the emoji as a group name, articles for inspiration or reading. Tab groups can be customized so you can choose how to use them. Just like regular sheets, your groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome.

New AutoComplete UI in Chrome

In the past, if you were trying to access the Chrome browser or buy something, it could be the UI when you clicked on the text field. A pop-up appears directly at the top or bottom of the window, giving you various options for signing in, payment, or the shipping address stored in Chrome. When enabled, the flags trigger a line at the top of the keyboard to auto-fill. from the pop-up window. The different options appear as rotating bubbles in a row, with three icons at the end: a key for access, a map for payment methods, and a pin icon for directions.

Intense advertising intervention

For Google, blocking ads that interfere with user experience is nothing new. It is a member of the Better Ads Coalition, which clearly defines user-friendly ads. Google will block ads that don’t meet the standards set by the coalition. If you’re a regular reader of our weekly ad tech collection, you should already know this. Google also blocks ads that consume a lot of resources. Ads are blocked on all sites through the Chrome browser. These ads are not tied to the Better Ads standards set by the Better Ads Coalition. These are separate sets of ads that Google declares as “heavyweight ads”. Let’s understand what heavy advertising is and how to avoid it.

dark mode

Dark Mode is the most needed UI feature in apps and programs. This not only saves the battery of OLED and AMOLED devices, but also protects users from the blue light emitted by laptop and smartphone screens. Besides that, the dark theme is also beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. Dark mode support has appeared in nearly every Google app for multiple operating systems, including Google Chrome. If most of your work is done in Chrome, you should try dark mode in Google Chrome. In this article, we will see how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome on multiple platforms.

GPU rasterization

Rasterization is basically the process of creating pixel-by-pixel images or web content to display on your computer. Chrome usually uses CPU power to complete this process. However, if you have a dedicated GPU on your PC, you can still enable the GPU to fill this flag instead of rasterize. The GPU can slow down the frame rate from 100ms/frame to 5ms/frame, so if you enable this option, you can dramatically increase the speed of Chrome.

Reader Mode

A feature-rich distraction-free web reader with dyslexia research and help tools Reader Mode is a feature-rich Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads, and distractions, while also including support for dyslexia, bookmarks, annotations, highlighting, text-to-speech and many other features, all in one tool.

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