Better World Resources, a one-stop-shop for all medical supplies, provides high-quality Covid medical supplies across the country

The company specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of products and services tailored to customer needs.

California, United States – Better World Resources, a leading provider of medical supplies and services, is at the forefront of providing high quality medical supplies for Covid such as face masks ranging from KN95, N95 and all classes 3 ply masks.

In addition to this, the company also offers a variety of medical and non-medical gloves such as latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Better World Resources is proud to be a committed partner of the nation’s medical industry during these uncertain times.

“Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for medical device manufacturers – from supply chain disruptions to excess product demand to limited workforce; it forced companies to review the entire model. At Better World Resource, we are fully committed to designing and manufacturing products that exhibit durability, functionality, and most importantly, quality,” as stated on the Better World Resources website.

Covid-19 has been an eye opener for businesses by highlighting areas that need immediate attention to be able to withstand future challenges and become more agile. The company’s vision is to strive for continuous innovation and improvement, to gain competitive advantage through innovation that leads to profitable business relationships globally. Better World Resources aims to develop strategies to automate and streamline medical services and prides itself on helping clients achieve real, tangible and lasting positive results.

Company operations are based on continuous innovation, automation and quality. In pursuit of excellence since 2007, the company has remained true to its commitment to providing supreme quality products paired with state-of-the-art features. Every decision reflects the company’s core beliefs to drive business and operational efficiency.

The Better World Resources team is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to creating a bespoke strategy to meet business needs and requirements. Time and again, the company has been recognized for consistently providing top quality products such as medical equipment, PPE, lithium batteries, solar panels, and more.

“Our mission is to continually strive to automate projects and use innovative approaches to set new industry benchmarks. Quality is the foundation upon which our reputation for success has been built, rooted in our core business. Better World Resources goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients are successful in acquiring quality assets, skills, medical equipment and healthcare services,” Better World Resources states on its website.

The company is also a leader in making a conscious decision to build a diverse team with women in certain leadership roles. Diversity coupled with experience is the mantra of success for Better World Resources. “We have made sure that our work reflects the communities in which we operate and this is a deep belief shared across the company.” Listed on the Better World Resources website.

The company has also established a strong distribution network through leading healthcare companies such as HorizonConnect, Medihands, etc. All of these companies have been recognized as leading names in healthcare and Better World Resources is proud to partner with them and provide medical supplies.

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