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Hello dear friends. Welcome to our corner.

I wanted to share with you some wonderful information that I believe you will enjoy. You may have missed the services provided by Molly’s Angles. The services are all specially presented for the elderly and the elderly.

Most of you are familiar with their transportation services. They provide free transportation to and from medical appointments for seniors. By providing free transportation, they support seniors living longer in their own homes.

You must be ambulatory and able to get in and out of vehicles without assistance. Walkers and canes are fine.

One week notice is required. No on-demand or same-day requests are possible. Rides must take place during business hours, Monday through Friday. These trips are not guaranteed, but if no driver is found, Molly’s Angels will give you sufficient notice to make alternate arrangements.

They also offer Hello, Molly! Care calls. Molly’s Angels volunteers conduct weekly check-in calls to seniors living alone in Napa County, providing safety check-in and friendly conversation to help alleviate loneliness and depression. These recording phone calls help seniors stay safe and independent and ensure they are not alone.

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Emergency Grocery Delivery: Molly’s Angels has a network of volunteers who deliver needed food and supplies and prescription pickups. Molly’s Angels is able to order needed groceries online and coordinate with volunteers to pick up items to deliver to the senior.

Molly’s Angels office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call them at 707-224-8971 or 707-224-8885.

Molly’s Angels has also graciously provided the following information for day programs and senior centers:

• American Canyon Senior Center provides social, educational and recreational activities for seniors in the community. 707-647-5350

• The City of Napa Seniors Activity Center is operated by the Parks and Recreation Department. They host a variety of activities for adults 50 and older. Programs include social and educational activities, trips and tours, and special events. 707-255-1800

• The Rianda House Senior Activity Center is a thriving resource center for upper valley seniors. They offer a varied schedule of weekly social, educational, recreational, wellness, support and enrichment activities. Classes are offered in St. Helena and Calistoga. 707-963-8555

I love sharing activities with you because I know how important it is as we get older to find fun things to do with our time and not get bored.

Looking forward to next week’s visit. [email protected]

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