Browser and web mining: how to earn bitcoins while browsing

Anyone interested in investments and cryptocurrencies will surely have heard of the web mining, a practice capable of allowing anyone to earn Crypto simply by surfing the net. There are several ways to do it, but the best is undoubtedly the one related to the use of specific software and designed to best optimize the aforementioned practice. In this guide we will therefore try to better illustrate the concept of web mining, focusing on the use of CryptoTab Browsera browser developed precisely to maximize winning opportunities.

What is Cryptocurrency Web Mining

But first, let’s start with the basics and see what it means in specific cryptocurrency web mining, also known as cryptomining. To put it as simply as possible, when you are web mining, you consent to use your computer’s computing power to solve complex math problems. As a “reward” for this, prizes will be won in digital money and therefore in cryptocurrencies. Obviously, the more powerful the computer, the greater the problems solved, the greater the gain in terms of cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to earn bitcoins today by browsing the web?

So can you earn bitcoins using your computer or just surfing the internet? The short answer is: absolutely yes. The slightly more exhaustive and detailed answer will come throughout this guide.

In fact, it will be enough to use a web browser designed specifically for cryptocurrency web mining, which will have all the features that everyone expects from a browser, with the addition of fuseful features to earn cryptocurrencies without having to perform any particular operation.

CryptoTab Browser: Guide

Cryptotab Browser

The name of this browser is CryptoTab and can be downloaded on any type of platform in an easy and free way from the official website of the development company. As if that were not enough, the latter can also be downloaded and used on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, in order to maximize the possibilities of winning.

This was first made public as extension compatible with Google Chromebut over time, thanks mainly to its popularity, it turned into a true Chromium-based browser, still available to everyone now.

How it works

But how does CryptoTab work specifically? Before getting into the analysis of the aforementioned browser, we must start from a premise. In order to achieve a truly substantial gain, Cryptocurrency web mining needs to analyze billions of datathat a single computer would struggle to handle quickly.

It is precisely for this reason, which is behind all this, that he will go and exploit computers around the world (on which CryptoTab is installed) to mine as much data as possible. To thank users for their contribution, the company will share the revenue with each of them, offering, in effect, a few cryptocurrency rewards. What the user will have to do will therefore be solely and uniquely to use the aforementioned browser to navigate on a daily basis.


As mentioned above, CryptoTab, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, is based on Chromium source code. Many of its features are therefore shared with the browser designed by Google, starting with the graphical interface.

The latter will indeed at first sight be very similar to that of Google Chrome. The developers decided to go in this direction to try to make the user experience as familiar as possible to all users accustomed to using different browsers. All the different tabs, tabs, favorites, history, options… will therefore be very easy to locate. Starting to use CryptoTab will therefore be easier than expected. And of course, this will also apply to applications for smartphones and tablets.

The integration

Those who use the most well-known browsers on a daily basis will wonder at this point what the level of integration of CryptoTab is. In fact, any user expects to be able to use the same browser on multiple devices, always being able to count on history, data, bookmarks, etc. constant synchronization. Even from this point of view, the aforementioned browser will not disappoint the user’s expectations, being perfectly compatible with multiple devices and full of all the most useful synchronization options.


Now we come to one of the somewhat more discussed features in the field of mining. As already mentioned above, the level of exploitation also and above all depends on the CPU power of the computer and therefore its speed. If your computer does not have high enough features, they may appear slowdowns and lagsnot only while browsing online but also in all other PC operations.

Indeed, to increase mining performance, higher performance is required from time to time, which obviously impacts the use of the device. In short: the more powerful your computer, the less likely you are to experience slowdowns.


At this point, everyone will be wondering how much you earn using CryptoTab. It all depends on the hash rate of the device used, i.e. the processing power of the network. On the computer, such an indicator reaches 2500 h/s, which corresponds to me about $0.15 per daywhereas on smartphones it is 1500 h/s, i.e. about $0.1 per day.

However, it will also be possible to use so-called “Income Multipliers”, which will increase the chances of winning. These can be purchased individually or through an annual subscription system which will save you up to 50%.

These multipliers can be used on up to a maximum of 5 different devices at the same time, up to a 75,000 hash rate in a single day.

CryptoTab Reviews

CryptoTab users number in the thousands worldwide and more than half (around 60%, according to data from TrustPilot and other review aggregators) are happy with the user experience and earnings. In fact, we remind you that CryptoTab is still a safe and reliable browser, since it is based on Chromium. Moreover, it is not said that once downloaded, it is necessary to continue using it. Anyone can try it for as long as they want and then decide whether to continue or not. As for the credit of winnings, this will be done in Bitcoin directly on your digital wallet, immediately after reaching the minimum threshold of 0.00001 bitcoins.

Final considerations

In conclusion, the question can therefore be answered absolutely in the affirmative: Earning Bitcoins while browsing is possible. It will then be up to the user to decide whether or not to participate in the huge cryptomining network generated by CryptoTab, taking into account the trade-offs to be made and the software to be used.

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