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What is the Horry County Business Directory?

The Horry County Business Directory is an online directory featuring local businesses in the greater Horry County area. Online users can search our extensive directory of local businesses for products and services that interest them. Business owners can find and “claim” their business and take advantage of one of our affordable marketing packages. These packages offer a number of unique benefits, including the ability to download business-related features and content.

Why should I advertise on the Internet?

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers make buying decisions quickly using digital information. Restaurants, buying a car, real estate, groceries, entertainment, hobbies and more are all heavily impacted by digital marketing. Online mobile usage is growing at a rapid pace. If online advertising is not part of your marketing plan, you are missing the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers.

I already have a website. Why do I also need to be listed in the Horry County Business Directory?

If you already have a website, you are already on the right track. Are you completely satisfied with the online traffic you are receiving? Are you sure you are reaching your entire audience? Advertising your business should be a multi-faceted approach and listing your business in the Horry County Business Directory is a great addition to your website. The Horry County Business Directory is a platform to instantly get in front of thousands of new prospects. Your Horry County business listing can even link to your current website.

Why Horry County Business Directory?

Horry County Business Directory Marketplace exposes your business information to a large group of potential customers who subscribe or visit and Due to the large volume of traffic already created on our sites, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this traffic and expose your business to potential customers. Online advertising is an affordable form of advertising that gives your business constant visibility to be more effective.

How do I manage my company’s content?

We provide all business users with an online user dashboard to manage business related features and content. Register only takes a moment.

How often can I update my business content?

The user dashboard is available 24/7. You can update content as much or as little as you want from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits include

  • Responsive and mobile-ready layout.
  • No learning curve! Our user dashboard is very user friendly, you will be uploading business related content and increasing traffic in no time!
  • Flexible plans for all budgets.
  • Leverage existing traffic generated by Waccamaw Publishers Inc.

How much does it cost?

Digital advertising is great value. An affordable monthly investment in your business starts at just XXXX per month.

Our packages

We offer 4 formulas adapted to your budget: Free, Reinforced, Premiumand Showcase.

  • • Manage your business listing through our user dashboard
  • • Free Ads appear at the top of our site’s search results (below Enhanced Ads)
  • • Include a meaningful description of your business
  • • Update Company Title, Company Logo, Branch Information, Company Slogan, Company Related Flags (18+, For Kids, Date Night
  • • Define up to 3 business related categories
  • • Update general business information including: address, phone number, website, contact information and hours of operation.
  • • Enhanced listings include all the benefits of our free listing package
  • • Enhanced listings appear at the top of our site’s search results (below premium listings)
  • • Your business with the logo is featured on your Business Profile listing, in search results, featured listing widgets in the Horry County Business Directory, and the right side of the page widget. Home.
  • • Integration with Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • • Ability to upload and present company-related content, including:
  • • 1 offer or coupon (promote an upcoming offer, promotion or sale)
  • • 1 photo of your company or your product
  • • Premium Ads include the benefits of our Enhanced Ads package
  • • Premium listings appear at the top of our site’s search results (under Storefront Listings)
  • • Ability to upload and present company-related content, including:
  • • 5 offers or coupons (promote an upcoming offer, promotion or sale)
  • • 5 photos of your company or your products
  • • 5 YouTube videos
  • • 5 service lists
  • • 5 price announcements
  • • 5 staff profiles
  • • 5 business menus
  • • 5 company “blog” articles
  • • 5 calendar events
  • • 5 testimonials
  • • Showcase listings include all the benefits of our Premium Listing package
  • • Storefront listings can be customized to look like a standalone website
  • • Apple iOS home screen icon
  • • Ability to download company-related content, including:
  • • 10 offers or coupons (promote an upcoming offer, promotion or sale)
  • • Unlimited photos of your business or products
  • • Unlimited YouTube videos
  • • Unlimited list of services
  • • Unlimited price announcements
  • • Unlimited staff profiles
  • • Unlimited business menus
  • • Unlimited commercial “blog” articles
  • • Unlimited calendar events
  • • Unlimited press releases
  • • Unlimited testimonials
  • • Featured in our weekly “Deals and Steals” newsletter
  • • Includes banner ads on

What are storefront listings?

Showcase ads include the same benefits as Premium ads, with some notable improvements. Storefront listings offer the ability to customize your business in many ways including: unique banner graphic, choice of accent colors, icon integration on Apple iOS home screen, integration an email newsletter, and more!

(include screenshots of Storefront Listings, Apple iOS Home Screenshot, Newsletter Screenshot)

How to start?

Establishing your business listing on the Horry County Business Directory is easy!

  • Account Registration: To claim and manage your business listing, you must first create a free user profile. This process involves creating a username and a link to your email address. Once registered, you will need to verify your email and complete the registration process by clicking the link in the verification email. You can register for a free user profile here. The registration process only takes a moment.

  • Login: Once your account has been created, you can log in by selecting the Login option at the top of In the My Account window, enter the username (or email address) and password used when registering the account.

  • Claim your business: Now that you are logged in to your free user profile, you can now search and claim your business listing. To access the Horry County Business Directory, click Business Directory in site navigation. Then, within the “What are you looking for?” search box, search for your business, using either your business name (Jiffy Lube) or keywords related to your business (oil change).

  • Then choose your company from the search results.

  • Once you have found your business, select the Claim this business option.

  • You will then be redirected to the user dashboard where you will receive a notification that your trade claim should be approved shortly. Your business should be ready to be personalized within 24 hours. (need to crop Claim company screenshot below) WE NEED TO THINK OF AUTOMATIC APPROVAL.

I searched for my business and couldn’t locate it, why not?

Our extensive directory contains thousands of local businesses and is updated regularly. If you can’t find your business, we’d love to feature it. You can submit your business by selecting the Add your business button on the right side and filling out our Add your business form.

Manage your business listing

Once your business claim has been approved, you can manage it in the User Dashboard.

  • By default, claimed companies include all the benefits described in the free plan.

  • To take advantage of one of our most feature-rich plans, select the To improve ability to reveal packages available for purchase. Click on To buy to finalize the transaction.

  • Edit profile: these options allow you to update general company information, including: company title, logo, branch, slogan, flags, description, payments accepted, categories, contact details and opening hours.

  • Manage content: If you have taken advantage of one of our feature-rich plans, you will have the ability to customize your business and upload your own business-related content, including: rewards, blogs, coupons, events calendar, corporate images, menus, press releases, service listings, testimonials, staff profiles and photos, and YouTube videos.

Build your brand

Establishing your business within Conway and our surrounding communities begins with developing a cohesive and strategic brand. In today’s world, your customer base has more channels than ever to gather information about local businesses. It is therefore crucial to be broad in the development of your brand and to take advantage of as many of these channels as possible.


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