CDC Offers New Pregnancy Resources and Materials for Patients and Healthcare Professionals | News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The Centers for Disease Control Prevention announced on Tuesday the creation of a new webpage as part of the Hear Her campaign.

The CDC’s Hear Her campaign aims to reduce pregnancy-related deaths. The CDC has reported that 700 women die each year due to pregnancy-related complications, and two out of three of those deaths are preventable.

The CDC said the website contains specific information for obstetrics providers, pediatric staff, and other healthcare professionals.

Obstetrical professionals such as OBGYNs, obstetrical nurses, midwives, and women’s health nurse practitioners have the opportunity to provide necessary education to pregnant and postpartum patients on recognizing the signs of maternal alert. Additionally, the CDC said in its statement that obstetrical providers should build trust with patients when prenatal care begins and encourage them to share any concerns they may have.

According to the CDC report, women can experience pregnancy complications for up to a year after birth. Officials said, therefore, pediatricians, pediatric nurses and other pediatric staff can be a vital link in caring for people postpartum.

Clinical resources and tools from various organizations are also featured on the CDC website. Additionally, information for healthcare professionals and patients can be found here.

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