CIRA Canadian Shield can provide peace of mind while browsing

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) makes it easier for Canadians to browse without having to worry about online security.

According to the organization, CIRA’s free browser extension called Canadian Shield “will help protect more Canadian internet users from harmful malware, phishing scams, scams and other malicious actors.”

The CIRA report suggests that more than 54% of Canadians spend more than five hours online per day, making internet security a top concern for the majority of the nation. “CIRA’s Canadian Shield is an essential layer of protection for Canadians and their family members, as it’s built on the same enterprise technology that powers CIRA’s DNS firewall,” it reads. in the organization’s report.

Last year alone, Canadian Shield blocked over 36 million requests to malicious domains, saving its users from botnet, phishing and ransomware attacks. “This browser extension continues CIRA’s momentum to create a safer Internet for Canadians by making it simple and easy for anyone, regardless of knowledge level, to protect themselves online. We keep user data private and improve online security,” said Tanya O’Callaghan, Vice President, Community Investment, Policy and Advocacy at CIRA.

Canadian Shield is available as a free web extension at firefox and Google Chrome.

It should be noted that CIRA does not store or sell your website browsing data and only blocks access to websites on its “Malicious Sites List”.

Learn more about the web extension here.

Image credit: CIRA

Source: CIRA

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