City of Elliot Lake Business Directory Update Ready

City of Elliot Lake staff have created a City Business Directory to help people find local trades and service providers.

During Thursday’s virtual meeting of the bylaws and planning committee, several council members said the city needs to do more than just make a list, like regulate businesses.

Chairman of the Cons. Ed Pearce warned: “I have a strong belief that at some point the City of Elliot Lake will have to license businesses, period.

City Clerk Natalie Bray called it a first step.

“If it’s something the committee is happy with, we can have it here and maybe look at expanding it further,” she said. “We are still working on a licensing settlement regarding certain types of businesses that we want to regulate. I am still trying to arrange a meeting with our attorney to move that settlement forward.”


“This list does not serve as an endorsement of any business in the municipality,” said Economic Development Manager Steve Antunes. “I hesitate to call it a registry to validate it that way.”

“You know, to open a mechanic shop, you don’t have to have a mechanic. There’s a lot of stuff like that going on,” the adviser said. said Sandy Finamore. “The only recourse our citizens of Elliot Lake have is to go to small claims court. If someone who scammed you on Tuesday left town on Friday, well good luck.”

“We have very many vulnerable people here who take people at their word,” Finamore added.

“I would like this to be forwarded to the council because I would like the larger population of the city to be able to see this list,” she added. “You can rest assured that the first time (one of) these companies scams someone, they’ll call us saying they’ve taken the name off our website.”

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