Cloudflare explains how iCloud Private Relay enables fast and secure browsing

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Cloudfare, an Apple partner and cloud computing company, provided additional details on Apple’s iCloud Private Relay feature, including how web operators can ensure a good user experience.

For example, Cloudflare explains that iCloud Private Relay is a system that “ensures that no party processing user data has complete information about the user’s identity and what they are trying to access” , the company explained in a statement. blog post released Wednesday.

“Private Relay uses modern encryption and transport mechanisms to relay traffic from user devices through Apple and its partners’ infrastructure before sending the traffic to the destination website,” Cloudflare wrote.

The company released a few diagrams illustrating how the system hides traffic.

Normal browsing without iCloud Private Relay. 1 credit

Private Browsing with iCloud Private Relay enabled.  1 credit

Private Browsing with iCloud Private Relay enabled. 1 credit

In other words, iCloud Private Relay divides the type of connection metadata that only one party can access. This minimizes the amount of information a third party can collect about user behavior and also prevents websites from seeing user IP addresses.

Cloudflare, a web infrastructure company, is one of Apple’s partners playing the role of “second relay”. The company says it operates “one of the largest and fastest networks in the world”, which allows it to provide the service to Apple.

The company also informed web operators that they “have made every effort to ensure that the use of iCloud Private Relay has no noticeable impact on your websites, APIs, and other content you serve across the web.” .

In fact, Cloudflare says that in testing it has found that iCloud Private Relay can lead to “significant, measured decreases in page load times.”

Further details on Cloudflare’s role in iCloud Private Relay and what network operators and administrators should know about the feature are available in the full blog post.

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