Customizing Google Ads can help you control ads as you browse

Every day we receive many advertisements on the Internet, which can be very annoying. But, understanding how these advertisements appear on the sites we visit can give greater control over the types of advertisements you see on the Internet.

There is an endless global debate about the advertisements and the data they need to function. Sometimes you are puzzled by the accuracy of these advertisements. Surprisingly, a good number of them tend to show things that interest you. These advertisements are grouped according to what you search for on the Internet; your most frequent searches become the most redundant advertisements you receive.

It just means that companies like Google monitor what you search for, in turn using that information to serve you ads. Sometimes ads can become a pain in the neck due to their persistence with every click you make on the internet, but not for long. With Ads Personalization in your Google Account, you can control the type of ads you receive. Here’s how.

Control your internet experience with Ads Personalization on your Google Account

Although you cannot reduce the number of advertisements you receive on the Internet, you can limit the type of advertisements you see. Once you see how much data Google collects from your searches and how accurate they are, you’d be slightly surprised. However, you can control the type of information collected from your searches through your Google Account.

  • Open the setting on your device and select Google, or sign in to your Google account through your web browser.
  • If you use the setting, select “manage your account”.
  • Once you’re there, navigate to “Data & Privacy” and scroll down to Ad Settings.
  • The personalization of your ad will be automatically activated, this means that Google sends you advertisements on what interests you.
  • As you scroll down the page, you’ll see things like your age range, gender, languages ​​you speak, and other things you’re researching. These form the kind of ads you receive.
  • Select the items in the list whose ads you don’t want to see and opt out. This will help narrow down the range of topics your ads will come from.

PRO-TIP: You can also work on customizing your ad for YouTube from this page.

It is also possible to deactivate the personalization of your ad from this page. This will prevent Google from using your search results to serve you ads. Google promises do not sell information it collects from your search at any business.

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