DealShare Appoints Santana Ramakrishnan as Chief Human Resources Officer

DealShare, the social network e-commerce pioneer and recent unicorn, announced the appointment of Santana Ramakrishnan as Director of Human Resources.

Santana brings a wealth of experience in human resources and people management at DealShare, where she will be responsible for implementing the company’s people strategy, building capacity for expansion, profitability, and activating the cultural frameworks that make DealShare an employer of choice.

Prior to joining DealShare, Santana Ramakrishnan worked as a Human Resources Manager at Udaan. Previously, she worked at Goldman Sachs, AXA, Genpact and GE Capital. Santana will join the company’s leadership team and report to Vineet Rao, the company’s founder and CEO.

Vineet Rao, Founder and CEO of DealShare, said, “We are delighted to welcome Santana Ramakrishnan as Chief Human Resources Officer. DealShare is currently at an exciting inflection point: we are rapidly growing our business, expanding into new markets, improving the e-commerce experience for Bharat consumers, and empowering local communities and manufacturers. Hiring the right talent and engaging them effectively will play a crucial role in this journey. Over the coming year, our talent pool will grow exponentially. Ramakrishnan’s diverse background spanning multiple geographies and his remarkable leadership experiences will help us further scale our business program while creating a meaningful employee experience.

Ramakrishnan, CHRO, DealShare said, “It’s really exciting to be part of DealShare. The scale and reach of the market yet to be tapped presents us with a unique opportunity to build a relevant ecosystem for retail. The founders’ and management team’s commitment to prioritizing profitability as a key indicator of our success, while balancing growth is at the heart of the performance culture we aim to ingrain. It is therefore more important than ever to augment the HR function to enable the business and create a credible value proposition for employees. I look forward to working alongside the leadership team to contribute to the larger vision for the company and be part of this journey.

DealShare is India’s fastest growing social commerce company focused on catering to the 500 million users new to the internet and looking for value. It offers high-quality essential products at low prices combined with a playful, fun and virality-driven shopping experience, which makes it easy for new Internet users to experience online shopping. Santana Ramakrishnan is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur.

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