Do you surf the Internet with Mozilla Firefox? Please take the advice of the Center seriously.

When you access the Internet, are you using Mozilla Firefox? If so, you should not ignore the government notice that has been released. The web browser contains several security vulnerabilities, according to the Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-IN), a key arm of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

According to the advice, Mozilla Firefox versions earlier than 105 and ESR versions earlier than 102.3 are both affected. The government has warned that multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Mozilla Firefox, which could be exploited by a remote attacker to bypass security restrictions, execute arbitrary code and reveal sensitive information about the targeted system. This government notice has a high severity rating.

According to the advisory, “These bugs exist in Mozilla Firefox due to memory safety bugs in the browser engine, circumvention of FeaturePolicy restrictions on transient pages, data race when parsing URLs not UTF8 in threads, bypassing secure context restriction for cookiesHost and _Secure prefix, exiting stack buffer during graphics initialization, bypassing content security policy base uri and caching inconsistent instructions when creating WAS on ARM64.

Upgrading to Mozilla Firefox 105 and Mozilla Firefox ESR version 102.3 has been suggested by CERT-In.
When the source code for the Netscape browser was made available in 1998, the Mozilla project was born. On the company’s website, it is stated that Firefox 1.0, which was introduced in 2004, was a huge success, receiving over 100 million downloads in less than a year. Firefox OS was introduced by the company in 2013 with the aim of “unleashing the full power of the web on smartphones and once again bringing control and choice to a new generation of people who go online”.

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