Draconian water resources bill, says Governor Diri – The Sun Nigeria

Bayelsa State Governor Senator Douye Diri called the National Water Resources Bill draconian before the National Assembly, saying it would have a negative effect on the predominantly maritime state if it were was adopted.

Senator Diri condemned the bill on Friday when Water Resources Minister Suleiman Adamu, represented by Permanent Secretary, Dame Didi Walson-Jack and his team paid him a courtesy call at Government House, Yenagoa.

A statement by his chief press secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, quoted the governor as saying that it would be unfair and unjust to introduce the water resources bill while oil-producing states were still jostling for a fair deal over their oil and gas resources.

His words: “The Water Resources Bill is not acceptable. The provisions of the bill, if they become law, would have a more negative impact on us, as we are primarily a maritime environment. Having taken our oil and gas resources, the federal government is trying to introduce a water resources law at a time when we are still fighting for a fair deal. This bill is tantamount to suffocating us. The federal federal government is on our neck and we can’t breathe.

Governor Diri has called on the bill’s sponsors to withdraw it, saying the country operates a federal system of government rather than a unitary government.

He said: “We run a federal government where you don’t centralize resources or political power. It’s where you run a unitary system of government that these kinds of draconian bills can happen. But in an ideal federal system, you allow states to expropriate their resources and pay taxes to the federal government.

“They emasculate state resources and then give them peanuts. They still turn around to say that states don’t work. How can they perform when you take away all their resources? »

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