Enjoy WeVPN’s Secure and Fast Browsing for $64.95

Want to stay safe and anonymous online? You can secure up to 10 devices at once with WeVPN, a virtual private network that does not save your data.

WeVPN protects you and your data from people and organizations that track and sell it. And right now, you can get a two-year WeVPN subscription for just $64.95 (usually $268).

A VPN for all your devices

WeVPN does the job and more. You get the big, important features of high-quality VPNs, like international servers, high-level encryption, and protection against DNS poisoning. But that’s just the beginning of what WeVPN brings to the table.

You will also benefit from advanced features such as Split tunneling, which routes specific applications through a VPN tunnel. These tunnels are virtually unbreakable without an encryption key, so anything that goes through the tunnel is completely protected.

Advanced Leak Protection does the same thing, but for your IP adress. This means that no one will be able to find out where your computer is or who your provider is. WeVPN takes protection even further with a shared IP function. This connects your VPN to an IP address that thousands of others use, meaning you’re invisible and completely untraceable. It’s like 10,000 people giving a company the same fake address.

WeVPN runs super-fast servers and uses a powerful security system, but what really makes it special is everything you can do online with it. We play allows you to stream content from a secure connection which also limits buffering. Auto Connect configures your VPN for you whenever you need to connect.

Plus, you can use WeVPN on 10 different devices, so you don’t have to choose which ones will be secure and which ones won’t. All this combined gives you invisible browsing on all devices. This means that if you are looking for something to post on your website, you will not start receiving ads the next day.

All of these features and more prompted TheVPNGuru to call WeVPN a top competitor.

Save on WeVPN

Protect the most precious thing you have. To have WeVPN: fast, secure and affordable VPN serviceon sale for $64.95 (usually $268), and keep your data private.

Prices subject to change.

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