Favorable Resources and Policies to Enable Xixian New Area in Shaanxi Province to Become a Science and Technology Innovation Center in Western China

Xian, China, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The weather is warming up and spring is evident everywhere in Xixian New Area, where enterprises and industrial parks focus on science and technology innovation. Construction of the project in Xixian New Area is accelerating in 2022. New opportunities offered by Qinchuangyuan, the province’s innovation platform, are accelerating industrial development, enabling this open and innovative city to align with the world with strong momentum.

In the first quarter of 2022, Xixian New Area signed 48 projects through the combination of online and offline channels, with a total investment of RMB 86.046 billion, and introduced ten Fortune 500 companies, six Top 500 companies from China and three of the top 500 enterprises in the industry, according to the Xixian New Area Administrative Committee.

Shanxi is a province with abundant scientific and educational resources. In order to transform its technological advantages into economic advantages, March 2021, Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform construction was started. This platform will serve as a collaboration incubator, commercialization accelerator and integration booster, so that universities, research institutes and companies can participate and jointly promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Qinchuangyuan head office is located in Xixian New Area.

Last year, Xixian New Area focused on the implementation of provincial and municipal plans, and made great efforts to build the Qinchuangyuan headquarters. As a result, the number of domestic high-tech enterprises increased by 53%, new small and medium technology enterprises increased by 48%, and technology contract transactions there increased by 34%. The new area ranks first among 65 pilot units nationwide in the formation of Innovation China. The effect of the combination of these initiatives and the innovation leadership role played by the Qinchuangyuan head office has been growing at high speed.

Agglomeration of resources showing the demonstration effect

In order to accelerate the gathering of science and technology initiatives and stimulate the momentum of development, Shaanxi ProvinceXi’an Municipality and Xixian New Area have all introduced supportive policies in the past year. Among them, Xixian New Area published 15 inclusive policies and measures for the needs of technology companies, entrepreneurial talent, innovation platforms, intermediary agencies and other sectors. Investors who introduce technology projects in Qinchuangyuan the head office will be rewarded with 1% (up to 3 million RMB) of the actual investment when the enterprises are established and reach the agreed production capacity.

In 2021, 431 technology companies were introduced in Xixian New Area; 901 new small and medium technology companies were created and technology contract transactions were concluded 10.704 billion RMB. The vitality of innovation has continued to increase, and the innovation ecosystem has continued to improve, resulting in the aggregation effect of science and technology innovation.

“As the headquarters of the Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform, the Xixian New Area promotes the joint construction of innovation platforms by enterprises, entrepreneurial and innovation investors and universities. The New Area focuses on a technology innovation system in which “enterprises play the main role, the market is the guide, and industry, universities, research institutions and applications are integrated”. There will be an improvement continuous innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and the agglomeration of a range of innovative initiatives will be accelerated,” said Yang Renhua, secretary of the party’s work committee. Xixian New Area and leader of Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform Construction Leading Group in New Area.

Xia Baojun, a representative of companies participating in Cloud Signing earlier this year, said that since the launch of Qinchuangyuan, innovation resources have been increasingly drawn to Xixian New Area, including major public enterprises and technology innovation departments covering finance, law and human resources. This trend has enhanced business confidence in the development here, I believe that in the future more world-class enterprises will take root here and share industrial cluster resources.

Collaborative innovation to generate strong momentum

Innovative parks such as Fengdong Free Trade Industrial Park and West Cloud Valley of Fengxi New Town north of Qinling Mountains in Shanxi are booming.

On both sides of the Weihe River, innovation platforms such as the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor and Northwestern Polytechnic University’s “Soaring Town” are brimming with vitality, providing a steady flow of talent and a intellectual support to Qinchuangyuan.

Along with the accelerated establishment of the Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform, the number of science and technology innovation enterprises has exploded, and an increasing number of local scientific research achievements are being transformed into products locally. In 2021, Xixian New Area explored a “batch authorization model” for the transformation of innovative achievements with Xi’an Jiaotong University and other universities. A platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements has been co-built with six universities, such as Xidian University. It integrates more than 4,000 major scientific research instruments using an online science and technology resource sharing platform, has held 58 roadshows, and promoted 191 achievement projects.

To date, Qinchuangyuan technology brokers have processed more than 800 high-quality scientific research results. Contracts for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have been signed with more than 120 companies. This was effectively made possible by cooperation with 14 universities, including Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnic University, and seven research institutes, including the 39th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation .

In the early spring of this year, many science and technology innovation enterprises of Western Cloud Valley Phase II in Fengxi New Town were busy with scientific research and production, aiming to take advantage of the peak season of orders. At Shaanxi Jukang Gaobo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., the wheels were spinning at full speed and the machines were moving rhythmically, on which mechanical testing of a 3D-printed human mannequin was underway.

Yang Chuncheng, general manager of Shaanxi JuKang Gaobo Medical Technology Co., Ltd, said that relying on the Qinchuangyuan innovation platform, a team led by Professor Li Dichen of Xi’an Jiaotong University has completed the transformation of science and technology achievements and registered a company for the controllable precision bone manufacturing project. The support policies for innovation and the transformation of achievements, as well as exemptions from royalties, in the industrial park have boosted the R&D dynamics of the team.

With the help of Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform, various market players, universities and institutes engage in comprehensive interactions, and Qinchuangyuan continues its high-quality development.

Attracting talents to strengthen the vitality of innovation

In order to enable Qinchuangyuan to attract high-end talent, Shaanxi Province plans to speed up the introduction of high-level foreign experts this year. A model based on “university employment, enterprise use and state subsidy” will be rolled out, and strong support will be provided to enterprises for bringing in high-level talent from China and abroad. A number of overseas offshore innovation centers and information introduction service centers will be built to expand the channels for high-end overseas talent to come. China for cooperative research and academic exchange.

At March 14, Xixian New Area released the Qinchuangyuan Innovative Talents Plan to facilitate an orderly flow of talent and provide an attractive option for innovation and development in Qinchuangyuan. According to the plan, recognized talents will be rewarded with 100% funding for three consecutive years, based on their personal financial contribution from the previous year. In particular, talent projects funded by national, provincial and municipal authorities will be supported by a combination of equity investments and financial aid. Funding of up to 50% of the total will be granted, with a maximum of 1 million RMB.

“We will adhere to the principle of ‘enterprises as the main body, talents as the main force, the market as the main guide, and the government as the main driving force’. We will accelerate the solicitation and cultivation of key enterprises, pool the resources of the State -companies, universities, institutes and the city of Xi’anstrongly encourage the coordinated development, accelerate the construction of the Qinchuangyuan headquarters, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an city,” said Jiang Jianchun, director of the administrative committee of Xixian New Area and executive deputy head of the Qinchuangyuan Innovation Platform Construction Leading Group in the New Area.

By gathering high-end initiative resources globally, a new, more open Xixian area is developing rapidly.

SOURCE Xixian New Area Administrative Committee

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