Female Invest responds to calls to offer an investment offering with Gaia acquisition

Female Invest responds to calls to offer an investment offering with Gaia acquisition

Female Invest, a Danish e-learning startup, has acquired trading platform Gaia as part of its plans to roll out an investment offering.

Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck on the Investing Gender Gap

Ellevest CEO and Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck tells Connie Loizos about the gender investment gap and her digital investing platform for women going live today. She says myths about women and investments don’t stand up; instead, women need risk decisions related to goals and realistic planning.

TES4: Oblivion Analysis | A Quick Retrospective

Want to know how to tell if someone is an Oblivion fan? Me too.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:27 – Oblivion Intro
00:16:15 – Character Creation
00:26:24 – The Arena
00:56:41 – The Arena II
01:15:26 – The Fighters Guild
01:48:18 – The Fighters Guild II
02:27:47 – The Mages Guild
03:18:39 – The Mages Guild II
04:16:44 – The Main Quest
04:42:23 – The Main Quest II
05:19:07 – The Main Quest III
05:53:27 – The Main Quest IV
06:27:22 – The Knights of the Nine
07:06:01 – The Knights of the Nine II
07:28:44 – The Thieves Guild
07:51:00 – The Thieves Guild II
08:28:53 – The Dark Brotherhood
09:25:36 – The Daedra
10:18:40 – The Daedra II
10:56:17 – The Shivering Isles
11:43:53 – Conclusion
12:00:00 – The End

The first [56:42] have been transcribed into accurate [English] subtitles. The remainder was generated using Premiere Pro, as YouTube refused to provide an auto-caption for this video. I am trying to add to this where I have time.

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take him to brazil – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmP5G4sZfJo

#Patrician #Oblivion

Change the Conversation: Women & Advertising

Women make up 80% of purchase decisions in the U.S. but are still only 10% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Marketing and advertising have an enormous opportunity to drive greater business growth and a responsibility to create more representation in historically male-dominated industries by recognizing and engaging women as key audiences, consumers, and a critical go-to-market investment.

In celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth, tune in with The Female Quotient, dentsu, and Quantcast for a discussion with leaders across traditionally male-dominated industries including sports, gaming, beer, and tech:

•Deb Stambaugh, Chief Marketing Officer, Quantcast
•Ronda Carnegie, Chief Innovation Officer, The Female Quotient
•Leah Meranus, North America CEO, dentsu X
•Josephine (Fien) Bertrams, SVP & Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Heineken USA
•Jennifer Matthews, Vice President of Brand Strategy, FanDuel Group

Sallie Krawcheck discusses female investing and wealth building

#Influencers #Investing #SalliKrawcheck
Originally aired on April 28, 2022
In this episode of Influencers, Andy sits down with Ellevest CEO and Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck, for a discussion about how the Ellevest platform uses an algorithm tailored for women as well as the possibility of a recession, and the meme stock craze being ‘bro-ey.’

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