Ferry-Morse launches new digital resources to help Americans find inspiration and more success in the garden

NORTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ferry-Morse, one of the oldest and largest home gardening seed conditioning companies in the United States, is giving gardening a very modern makeover with a suite of new digital tools that help consumers at all stages of the gardening journey. On The Greenhouse blog, gardeners will find inspiration and advice. Once they’re ready to buy, the new Garden Matchmaker, a first in its class, will not only provide personalized seed and plant recommendations, but also environmental factors such as average rainfall and soil type in their gardens. To reward them for their loyalty, Ferry-Morse has also launched a new digital rewards program.

“Consumers today expect personalized content and recommendations wherever they are on the Internet. Whether it’s shopping for jeans, groceries, or even cars, there’s a level of curation and customization that gardeners simply haven’t had until now. They’ve mostly been left on their own to figure it out,” said Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru at Ferry-Morse. “With these new digital assets, we are excited to change that. The Garden Matchmaker along with our greenhouse support content really enhances the Ferry-Morse online experience and allows us to have a meaningful relationship with our gardeners throughout the growing season.

No two gardens are the same

Ferry-Morse’s new online Garden Matchmaker provides personalized seed and plant recommendations based on a series of questions to ensure gardeners encounter their perfect plants. Gathering skill level, planting climate, gardening goals and seasonal interests, the Matchmaker then matches gardeners with the products that work best for them.

“The single most important factor for success in the garden is choosing the right plant,” Sears continued. “If we can help gardeners find the right plants for their spaces and climates, we know they’ll be infinitely happier with the end results, which will foster even more confidence and joy in their green spaces!”

For gardeners ready to grow, Ferry-Morse recently launched this season’s Plantlings™ collection featuring over 100 varieties of healthy young plants grown in Ferry-Morse’s professional nursery and shipped direct to front doors. Arriving with established root systems to support a more successful garden, seedlings come in vegetable, herb, flower, fruit and shrub varieties. New this year, Ferry-Morse has launched its PlantlingsMore plant range of taller trees and shrubs, as well as foliage and houseplants. Seedlings can be shipped now and while supplies last.

Welcome to the Greenhouse

Ferry-Morse is also launching even more gardening content on its new blog, The Greenhouse. Whether they log in regularly or just on a whim, gardeners can find advice on hundreds of gardening topics, from starting indoor seeds to recipes for enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Greenhouse also integrates with the Garden Matchmaker, seamlessly helping those who have created profiles connect to relevant resource center content to help them get the most out of the gardening season.

Collect the rewards

The new Ferry-Morse Rewards Program offers online shoppers the chance to earn perks just for stocking up on seeds or grabbing a few new tools for their garden. Shoppers can also earn bonus points by signing up for the Ferry-Morse newsletter, tagging the brand on social media, writing product reviews and more.

Upon signing up for Ferry-Morse Rewards, members can start earning and redeeming points for exclusive offers such as free delivery, access to bonus reward events, birthday bonuses and more Again. Members will earn one point per dollar spent and unlock benefits when they reach different levels such as $5 off with the redemption of 100 points and up to $20 off with the redemption of 400 points.

For gardeners interested in planting it forward, Ferry-Morse is also proud to offer shoppers the opportunity to redeem their points in the form of a donation to Big Green, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising millions of people to grow their own food, in support of the Million Gardens movement.

About Morse Ferry

Founded in 1856, Ferry-Morse is one of the oldest continuously operating seed companies in the United States and was the first to sell only fresh, packaged flower, herb and vegetable seeds for the current season. . Our history comes with a wealth of knowledge, innovation and experience that helps generations of gardeners. What has always been central to the Ferry-Morse brand is quality and integrity, including a dedication to only non-GMO seeds. Ferry-Morse is part of the Green Garden Products family of brands, the leading supplier of seed packets and seed starter products for flower and vegetable gardens in North America. Green Garden Products is owned by Central Garden & Pet. ferrymorse.com.

About Central Garden & Pet

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA) understands that home is at the heart of life and has proudly nurtured happy, healthy homes for over 40 years. With net sales of $3.3 billion in fiscal 2021, Central is on a mission to lead the future of the pet and garden industries. The company’s innovative and reliable products are dedicated to helping lawns grow greener, gardens bloom bigger, pets live healthier, and communities grow stronger. Central is home to a premier portfolio of over 65 high-quality brands, including Pennington, Nylabone, Kaytee, Amdro and Aqueon, strong manufacturing and distribution capabilities, and a culture of passionate entrepreneurial growth. Central Garden & Pet is based in Walnut Creek, California, and has over 7,000 employees in North America and Europe. For more information about Central, visit www.central.com.

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