Five Best Resources for Learning SQL in 2022

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the preferred language for relational database management systems such as Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and others. Additionally, SQL commands are used to update, manipulate and retrieve data from a database.

As relational databases become more prevalent in many industries, including marketing and sales, new groups of professionals are interested in learning SQL. Also, SQL knowledge is no longer limited to data engineers.

There is already a wealth of free information online that can teach beginners the basics of SQL.

Here are the five best free SQL learning resources.


SQLZoo is an interactive Wiki-based tutorial that provides SQL lessons and projects for beginners. Students begin with fundamental functions such as COUNT, SUM and AVG and progress to intermediate projects.

SQLZoo lessons are built around self-explanatory interactive coding challenges. This tutorial is a great resource for students who want to learn SQL through small, simple exercises.

SQL for web nerds

This course is more of an advanced level class; you will learn the finer details of SQL in this class. Philip Greenspun, a professor at MIT, is the one who developed it. The website isn’t particularly flashy but provides expert-appropriate content.

PostgreSQL exercises

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular database management systems on the planet. This platform offers you various exercises to assess your proficiency in SQL and PostgreSQL in light of this.

SQL bolt

This platform is a series of engaging exercises that provide a fundamental understanding of SQL. This tutorial is a useful resource for those just starting out and wanting to expand on their previous knowledge.


The course is structured as a series of interactive coding tutorials that guide students from foundational functionality to various large-scale projects. Codecademy’s extensive repository of exercises and the service’s sleek interface make for a seamless learning experience. This tutorial is suitable for students who want a more professional learning environment.

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