Five tips to save you $100 when shopping online

CONSUMERS welcome all cost cutting advice in today’s economy.

But since malls are a thing of the past, the best and most useful deals are digital.


E-commerce is expected to grow year on year

According to Census Bureautotal e-commerce sales for 2021 were over $870 billion.

And the trend shows no signs of stopping.

Of all the retailers, Amazon is perhaps the gold standard when it comes to online shopping.

The company has seen its sales explode in the wake of the pandemic.

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But it’s not just the e-commerce giants.

Americans can access the Internet from more entry points than ever before, whether via smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Below, we’ve rounded up five shopping tips that can be used online.

They come from informed buyers and consumer reviews.

More importantly, they meet you where you are – on the Internet.

1. Follow the company’s social networks

Businesses often use their social media accounts to list exclusive deals.

Sometimes it’s the first place they advertise the sale.

It may be worth following Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for daily updates.

Depending on the price of the item, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars.

2. Place an item in your basket and wait

In some cases, when you place an item in your online shopping cart without checking out, the company will send you a discount.

Companies that said they had done so in the past include:

  • Dick Sporting Goods
  • Bed, bath and beyond
  • Levi’s

It varies, but the coupon can be anywhere from 10-15% off.

If you bought new running shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods, for example, you could save up to $15.

The trick is to get far enough in the checkout process that you’ve provided your email address.

3. Browse incognito

When you browse online, websites obtain information about where you are browsing and what links you visit.

In some cases, this information can cause companies to raise their prices.

Buyers can avoid this by browsing incognito or in private mode.

The settings are different on each browser, but typically shoppers can open a new incognito tab at the top of their window.

4. Buy used on Amazon

the Amazon Warehouse has great deals on tons of categories.

Keep in mind that most products were returned unused or removed from their original packaging.

5. Subscribe to newsletters

As with social media, companies use newsletters to communicate exclusive offers to their customers.

If you want to reduce the volume of emails you receive, each company typically allows buyers to update their email preferences for certain types of emails.

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