Forget web browsing, your chats could also be hacked – Did this company just launch a unique solution?

The convenience of mobile chat services allows people to stay in touch with family, friends and groups at the touch of a button.

For many, phone calls seem to have become a secondary form of communication due to the speed and ease of using chat features such as Meta Platforms is Facebook WhatsApp, a global tool to stay connected.

But on the negative side, security and privacy seem like an afterthought for most chat vehicles, especially privacy when it comes to bigtech hosted platforms. Some of the most sensitive are online services like Zoom Video Communications Inc. ZMwhich, according to The Hacker News, could be vulnerable to hackers simply by sending a message to the system.

One of the biggest hurdles for chat services is ensuring that the only people who can read messages are the person the message was intended for. Perhaps a better way to secure these systems is to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to prevent anyone from intruding on someone’s chat.

Big data hacks can shut down everything from a large business to a home office and can take weeks or months to bring a system back to normal. And while vulnerability to hacking may be the downfall of some tech messaging companies, it may also become a selling point for others.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. SWISF SKUR TDG could be one of those companies. A cybersecurity and internet privacy provider of Swiss-hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management, the company has launched its new Chat-By-Guests feature. Sekur says the tool will allow any user to invite anyone outside the Sekur system to chat privately and securely using the company’s platform and technology. He discusses the characteristics of this interview at NASDAQ Headquarters.

SekurMessenger would have encrypted end-to-end communications including messages, group chats, voice recordings, files and emails where only the user and their recipients can access the communications, as the communications never leave their Swiss encrypted server environment. The service now comes with a new proprietary feature and technology called Chat-By-Invites, allowing a SekurMessenger user (SM user) to invite a non-SM user, or a group of non-SM users, to chat in a completely private and secure way without having to register or download an application.

Sekur, which hosts its services on its own infrastructure in Switzerland, and not on bigtech platforms, indicates that at the end of the chat, the conversation initiator SekurMessenger can end the conversation remotely and all traces of Exchange are removed on all devices and at the server level, and this is a standout feature even compared to other services such as Signal. The feature is now fully deployed and working on all Apple Inc. AAPL iOS and Alphabet Inc. GOOGL Android devices and web platforms.

“This important release brings us closer to offering a single set of secure and private communications to individuals, businesses and governments looking to protect their communications without having to disclose their phone numbers, without data mining and without forcing the recipient to also download the same application.” said Sekur Private Data CEO Alain Ghiai. “Because we are not connected to any Big Tech platform, we can offer a truly independent, private and secure without any data mining.”

SekurMessenger can also eliminate several privacy and security risks by not requiring a phone number, which would disclose a user’s phone device ID, and by not socially organizing the phone contact list or user’s computer. This practice sometimes leads to the infection of contacts by default. The company believes this will protect a vulnerable segment of security and privacy.

Sekur’s focus is to reach industry sectors including real estate, legal, finance, insurance, medical, government, energy, manufacturing, trade and pharmaceutical companies, all of which use proprietary information and need secure, private environments to conduct text-based conversations with employees and customers.

Sekur has activated devices in 19 countries (Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Spain, Serbia, UK, Australia and New Zealand) and noted plans to add more soon.

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