Former TrueLayer ANZ CEO launches open finance consultancy

Former TrueLayer ANZ CEO launches open finance consultancy

Brenton Charnley, the former CEO of TrueLayer's Australian and New Zealand operation, has resurfaced with a consultancy startup to help businesses take advantage of open finance.

STC Consulting

Why choose us?


-Increase your profit and productivity, reduce your cost, improve your processes and maximize your working time.

-Give you tools to chart your course of action into the future, adjust your direction when needed and help you find your way through challenging times. It is the foundation for reaching your goals through sound business decisions.

-Provide intelligence to set your prices and your product lines or for reaching new markets.

-Help you decide which products, services, and markets are profitable.

-Support your decisions on what you can afford in terms of office, inventory purchases, employees, and equipment.

How do we do it?

-We offer our clients practical solutions to their main challenges by guiding them to make strategic and profitable decisions.

-We guide our clients towards increased revenue, cost optimization, and efficient processes, thus enabling them to focus on their core business.

-We help design and implement our client’s key projects, supporting them to reach targeted growth.


STC Consulting is a Financial & Business Consulting firm that helps improve the profit & productivity of businesses.

Our solutions are: For Corporations, CFO On-demand, Controller On-demand, and Financial Speaker. For business owners & start-up: Financial Management, Financial Coaching & Training and Business Consulting.

We are offering a 30 Minutes COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL. Schedule yours now at Office: (346) 227-2895 or Mobile: (832) 998-136, [email protected];

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Consultant Interview Questions with Answers

In today’s video, Ryan Brown from Mockquestions.com, discusses 5 of our best Consultant interview questions.

intro- 0:00
Q1. Why are you interested in joining our company as a Consultant? 0:20

Q2. How do you go about defining the scope of a project? 1:54

Q3. If you had unlimited funds to build your own business, what would you do? 3:08

Q4. As our Consultant, you will work alongside high-level executives and leaders. What experience do you have working with c-level professionals? 3:57

Q5. What would you do if a client was unhappy with the project’s end result? 5:05

If you want to view all of our Consultant interview questions, visit:

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