Get the most out of your browsing with this discounted VPN for Mac, iOS, and more.

Boost your browsing security with this no-log VPN for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.
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Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to mean finally dusting. You can clean your tracks online with a no-log virtual private network that will protect your identity and browser data.

This three-year subscription to VPNCity offers this service and much more. And you can get it for $69 (usually $357) with coupon code SPRING10 during our Spring Refresh Sale.

A no-log VPN

VPNCity can secure your browsing and give you a better overall online experience. Save yourself the stress of knowing that prying companies and individuals are stealing your information by hiding it behind this VPN.

With VPNCity, all your data is locked down AES-256 encryption, which is military grade and would take a hacker a long time to crack. You can connect up to 12 devices at once and hide your mobile IP address while browsing. Moreover, VPNCity works on all platforms and operating systems. It lets you go from your Mac to your iPad to your iPhone to your PC (thrill) with far less risk, knowing that your network is more secure than ever.

One of the best parts of a VPN like VPNCity is how much internet you can access. With it, you can bypass censorship and access geo-locked content. Wherever you are, you can stream services like Canadian Netflix and find shows that were previously hidden from you. You can even circumvent many buffering issues by avoiding bandwidth bottlenecks created by ISPs, so your streaming could be much smoother.

Just the streaming boost was enough for a 5-star TrustPilot reviewer to write, “Truly enjoying borderless freedom when it comes to viewing/streaming.

Save on VPNCity

VPNCity works on macOS 11, iOS 9, Windows 8, Android 4.1 or any of the later versions of all these operating systems. During our Spring Refresh Sale, you can take charge of your cybersecurity and get a VPNCity three-year subscription for just $69 (usually $357) with promo code SPRING10.

Prices subject to change.

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