Google introduces Enhanced Safe Browsing at the account level

As part of this year Safer Internet Day 2022, Google announced several updates to its privacy and security efforts across the board. Since last year, when it automatically enrolled 150 million Google account users into 2SV, or two-step verification, the company has seen a 50% decrease in compromised accounts! By the way, if you haven’t taken a Security controle since the beginning of the next year, you should do it now to keep everything safe and in order!

From cyberbullying to social media to digital identity, every year Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and current concerns.

Safer Internet Day

2-step verification protects your account

This year, Google’s efforts to create a safer Internet include the introduction of Enhanced Safe Browsing at the account level so you can opt for its extra layer of protection that provides the broadest security against threats you can. meet on the web and against your Google account. This will be rolling out over the next month and you can activate it when you complete the aforementioned security check once it becomes available.

Additionally, Google Assistant’s “Guest Mode” – a feature built into the Assistant-enabled smart display that lets you issue voice commands and receive information without saving your data (you can’t get personal results for this reason!) – will be expanded to include 9 additional languages ​​over the next few months. At this time it has not been announced which additional languages ​​will be included, but we will keep you updated.

Finally, Google One’s VPN is rolling out for iOS users who have a 2TB or higher plan subscription, and Google Fi will soon have the ability to share your location in real time with members of your family group on an ongoing basis. , or for a set amount of time so that you and your family can make a plan to locate you in the midst of potential disasters or emergencies.

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