Google updates the Lens app for easier photo browsing

Google has updated its Lens app to improve image focus. The search giant rolled out a UI overhaul that minimized the Lens app’s live viewfinder in 2021, devoting the remaining screen space to screenshots and other photos from your gallery.

Now, Google has tweaked the Lens app to make browsing the phone for photos easier and faster.

Google updated the Lens app

The update adds a new icon right next to the Screenshots option on the Google Lens home screen, turning it into a drop-down menu, according to 9to5Google.

The small tweak lets you easily access images from any folder on your phone. Just tap Screenshots, choose the folder you want, and it will automatically open as a full-screen grid.

Before, only the Screenshots and Images tabs were available by default. , although you could find the photos you wanted, the view was a bit convoluted, according to Police Android.

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If the image in question was a bit old, don’t bother searching for it through the Lens app. The alternative was to launch Google Photos, browse albums, and enable the built-in Lens integration in the app.

The report also notes that Google has adjusted the previews on the screenshot grid to adopt a rectangular aspect ratio more representative of your smartphone display. The other image previews are the same, as they retain their square appearance.

The Lens app is one of those Google apps that keeps updating to bring more features to its users. Last month, Google tightened the app’s integration with Google Translate.

The update gave users the ability to perform machine translations, capture image translations, and import photo translations into the iOS app, with Android to follow.

The search giant has also added the ability to choose translated text and perform actions such as copy, send and search on the Google Translate homepage.

The new UI update is already widely rolling out to the Lens app for Android. Users can verify this by launching the app and navigating to the icon next to screenshots.

Google Lens can boost productivity

Google Lens can grab text from any physical document, like a book, paper, whiteboard, etc., and copy the text to your phone’s clipboard.

You can then easily paste the text into a Google doc, email, note, chat, or anywhere online.

Moreover, Google Lens has the ability to get real text on your computer. Look for the “Copy to Computer” tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure you are signed in to Google Chrome with the same Google account on your computer so that you can see the option, depending Computer world.

You can also let Google Lens read long memos and documents for you. You can point your phone at the paper and tap the document icon. Choose the text you want and tap on the “Listen” option at the bottom of the panel.

The app also lets you interact with text in an image. This includes images you have taken and screenshots you have captured.

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