‘Hope on the Block’ provides after-hours resources for the homeless

LAKE BOTTOM, Wis. (WGBA) – When shelters in Fond du Lac close, homeless people are left without much-needed resources like food or hygiene products.

To fill this gap, a group of Fond du Lac organizations developed the Hope on the Block cabinet.

“Typically [the shelters] are only open, you know, during normal business hours. They are therefore not open on weekends. They are not open on holidays,” said Nick Teifke, a community partner with Hope on the Block. “This is the time when we try to give people resources to get them through.

“There’s also a population that’s kind of on the borderline between, you know, being homeless and having an apartment,” Teifke said. “They are still in need. They may not live on the streets, but everyone is free to use the resources of this cabinet.”

The cabinet is located outside the Fond du Lac Public Library, where hope on the block partner Nick Teifke says many homeless people are congregating.

Lori Burgess, assistant director of operations at the library, said one of the firm’s goals was to make people in need feel safe.

“I think for people in the community, people who are homeless are often invisible,” Burgess said. “People don’t always like to see people in trouble. And it’s a way for them to get services, supplies that they need and know that someone is thinking of them and that the community is caring. care.”

The cabinet opens when the library closes for the night and closes when the library opens.

In addition to supplies, the cabinet also offers information on longer-term resources for people in need of food or stable housing.

“We try to provide resources for people, so the day after they visit this practice, they know who to call,” Teifke said. “So it’s not just, you know, giving people food and necessities, but it’s also giving them resources.”

Hope on the Block is accepting donations through the Fond du Lac Salvation Army, the Fond du Lac Public Library, and the organization’s website, which includes an Amazon Wish List.

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