How Reedsy Resources Can Improve Your Story Structure

To tell a good story, you need structure, not just creative use of words. A careful outline puts your ideas into a coherent and meaningful order that better controls readers’ emotions and understanding.

Reedsy offers blog guides along with experienced pros to help you structure and grow your stories. Here’s what you’ll find on this platform for freelance writers.


Learn about key story structures

There are many structures you can use for your stories, but to illustrate the wide variety of structures, let’s look at four of them. See what they are all about and adapt them to your needs.

1. Freytag’s Pyramid

Reedsy’s guide to Freytag’s Pyramid details its origin and basic layout. Inspired by Greek and Shakespearean dramas, it has the following structure, including a twist that gives the protagonist’s story its ultimate push towards its tragic end:

  • Introduction
  • To go up
  • Climax
  • Come back
  • Disaster

2. The Hero’s Journey

Here is another very common storytelling structure. Reedsy describes the hero’s journey as having three stages, coined by Joseph Campbell:

  • The Departure Act: the hero leaves his ordinary life
  • The act of initiation: the hero faces the unknown and its challenges
  • The Return Act: the hero returns transformed

3. Story Circle

Dan Harmon expanded the hero’s journey into a structure with a larger story arc. According to Reedsy’s Dan Harmon Story Circle guide, it has several steps:

  • ordinary world
  • Call to adventure
  • Appeal declined
  • Meet the Mentor
  • To cross the threshold
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies
  • Approach to the most secret cave
  • torture
  • Reward (grab the sword)
  • The way back
  • Resurrection

4. Save the cat

Courtesy of Blake Snyder, this structure was originally for screenplays, but literature quickly adopted it. Explore the Save the Cat beat sheet on Reedsy and learn how to use it to get your readers to love a character.

Get to know these and other story structures with help from Reedsy. At the same time, enrich your story using handy software like world maker apps for Android. All of these tools can take your creative writing to the next level.

Find development publishers

No matter how much research you do or how long you work on your book, there’s always room for improvement. And sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to spot flaws in a story.

A development editor is invaluable when it comes to making a story as powerful as possible. They look at general factors such as plot, characters, and how you meet your target audience’s expectations. Story structures and other industry-accepted tropes serve as guides.

If you need help with your story, the development editors on Reedsy should be your first stop. You can sort them by gender and location, study their individual profiles for the best matches, and request personalized quotes for free.

When you find the right partner, their expertise can transform your storytelling. They can refine the structure of your story and help you figure out how to do it yourself.

You can also check out Reedsy’s manuscript evaluation services and copy editors. Each careful pass will bring your book closer to perfection.

Let your creative writing evolve

Every writer is different in terms of style and ideas, but there are best practices that can benefit everyone.

An important skill is understanding the structures of popular stories and developing each narrative for maximum effect. Reedsy’s resources can support this and other parts of your creative writing journey.

Keep looking for opportunities to develop your storytelling skills, from reading outside of your genre to taking online courses.

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