How to Create Lightning Speed ​​Google Chrome for Web Browsing 2022 Tip

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Check How to Make Lightning Speed ​​Google Chrome for Web Browsing

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world with over 2 billion installs, 1 billion users and a 53% market share. Its speed is one of its most notable advantages over other existing browsers and one of the reasons why it is preferred by most Internet users. But even the fastest browser experiences performance drops from time to time. If your Chrome is slowing down, here are some simple tips to get you back up and running in no time. Chrome was “extremely minimalistic,” as The New York Times put it, with “extremely fast” page loads and a “fast” user interface, as Ars Technica put it.

Its sandbox-centric setup and focus on web application support made it the “first true web 2.0 browser”, according to some other tech sites. Well, fast forward to today, and the fairy tale is over: it’s been over a dozen years since Chrome debuted, and the browser, like your friend from college, is become much less elegant. Chrome has gotten a reputation these days for being a bit bloated and not always entirely secure thanks to all the third-party software that comes with it.

How to Create Super-Fast Google Chrome for Web Browsing

Update Chrome Browser

This is the first thing to do to optimize and speed up the performance of the Chrome browser. Basically, Google Chrome automatically updates to the latest version. But sometimes due to technical reasons and poor connectivity, it could not update. To check and update Chrome Browser, type chrome://help in the address bar and follow the prompts.

Remove unwanted extensions

This is the second thing you should check. If you have multiple Chrome extensions installed, it may slow down your web browser or consume unnecessary system resources. To check and remove unnecessary extensions Type chrome://extensions in the address bar and disable unwanted extensions. Disable the extension or click Remove to remove it.

Enable prefetch

It is very important to enable network action predictions, simply known as prefetch, which makes Google Chrome open the webpage faster than other browsers.

To check and enable prefetch, open Google Chrome. Go to the top right corner and click on the 3-dot hamburger icon, then go to settings. o Type chrome://settings/ in the address bar to open the settings. Now go to the bottom of the page and click on Show advanced settings option. Next, under the privacy option, make sure to check the box next to “Use a prediction service to load pages faster”. Now restart your current Google Chrome browser to get a fast web browser.

Make sure the prediction service is enabled

Google Chrome uses a wide variety of web services and prediction services to improve your browsing experience. These range from suggesting an alternative website when the one you’re trying to view isn’t available, to predicting network actions in advance to speed up page load times.

Again from Google Chrome > Settings > Show advanced settings. Now, in the Privacy section, select the Use a prediction service to load pages faster setting.

Close tabs faster with an experimental feature

A simple but very useful feature that allows the Chrome browser to quickly close tabs to make the browser work faster. In practice, the action makes it possible to run Chrome’s javascript handler independently of the graphical user interface (GUI), thus speeding up the browser and avoiding long waits to close tabs.

To access this secret setting, type chrome://flags in your address bar, search for “Quick Tab/Window Close” and click the “Enable” button below to enable this feature.

Increase RAM for Chrome using an experimental feature

You need to increase the RAM that Chrome can use. By adjusting its value, you can adjust the height and width of the tile to allocate more RAM to it. This will provide better scrolling and minimal stuttering when using the browser.

To adjust the settings, type “Default Tile” in the Search dialog box and the Default Tile Width and Height options should appear on your computer screen. Use the drop-down menus to change the values ​​from “Default” to 512.

Install Data Saver Extension

If your problem is more related to a poor internet connection than a slow browser, you can help improve bandwidth by installing the Google Data Saver extension. This extension uses Google’s servers to compress and optimize web pages before sending them to your browser.

Run Chrome browser with default theme

If you’ve customized Google Chrome there, we recommend restoring it to its default settings, as themes consume RAM, so if you want the fastest browser possible, run the default theme. To restore the Chrome theme, type chrome://settings in the address bar and under Appearance, if the Reset to Default Theme button is not greyed out, then you are running a custom theme. Click the button to return to the default settings.

Clear cache data

This is another vital issue that reduces hard drive space and cleans them regularly. Google Chrome can speed up automatically.

Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar and I suggest you choose only the Cached images and files option. Alternatively, you can destroy everything and start with a clean slate. And for best results, remove items from the beginning of time.

Run the Chrome Cleanup Tool

Windows users can use Google’s Software Removal Tool. This is a great built-in Chrome browser tool that helps find harmful software on your computer and remove it.

Final words: How to create lightning-fast Google Chrome for web browsing

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