How to Install a VPN in Chrome: Anonymous Browsing and Security

There are paid or free VPNs and there are all kinds of options depending on the screens you need, the volume of data or the region. But we can also use a VPN for Google Chrome which protects us only when we use the browser without the rest of the Internet connections going through it “private tunnel” that protects and anonymizes us. They work like browser extensions that allow us to access any website even if it’s blocked in your region or just want to browse them anonymously.

Using VPN for Chrome is especially useful when we are going to travel and want to connect to the internet from a public network. For example, you can use a VPN if you need to connect to the Internet from a hotel where you are going to work and you want to avoid the risks… Or if you are on a train and need to make a purchase online but you are connected to Renfe WiFi. In these cases, the use of this type of technology protects us.

What is a VPN

A VPN connection is a virtual private network specifically designed to hide our activity and identity on the network, among many other uses. There are several ways to set up VPN connections on a computer, for example, using specific software that encrypts and hides all packets on the computer, or through a specially designed extension to only hide web browser traffic while keeping other applications (Skype, Spotify, P2P, etc.) discovered and unencrypted.

Among the most common uses when browsing the Internet we find the possibility of hide our origin, encrypt traffic so that it cannot be spied on, hide our identity, protect information. In addition, it is also common to use a VPN to be able to access content from a streaming platform that is not in our country but in other regions. For example, watch US Netflix.

vpn for google chrome

DotVPN is an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to establish VPN connections applied only to the browser so that we can access any web page (even if they are regionally blocked) and hide both our identity and our private data. The first thing we have to do is download DotVPN from the Chrome App Store and install it on our browser. We just have to press “Add to Chrome” in the Chrome Web Store.


Once downloaded and installed An icon will appear to the right of the address bar. We will see a circle icon next to the extension puzzle in the Chrome bar. If we play, we can start. Of course, we will have to create an account beforehand. We must use email and password and fill in the corresponding field that will appear in the VPN window.

DotVPN Registration

When we created an account, we have a series of geolocations and regions from which we can connect. These are regions that DotVPN has servers in so we can choose. Of course we will see that next to the photo of the country there is a text that tells us if it is free or not. What else, we find the indication “ping”.

DotVPN Country

Choose some of countries with free connection (or sign up to pay the premium if you want) and your new IP address and the speed at which you’ll be browsing will automatically appear in the Chrome window.

DotVPN IP Address

If you want to check if the IP address is true, you just have to go to a web page like what-is-my-ip and the new address will appear. You can change the region in DotVPN to see the page IP address changes. In addition, we can geolocate it on a map to verify that it places us where it promises.

Dot IP Address

If we want to disconnect, we simply click on the “Disconnect” button on the extension. Until we wanted to use it again.

disconnect vpn for chrome

In case of want the premium option, DotVPN is priced at $2.90 per month if we pay annually or $4.99 per month for monthly payments. This allows us more servers and more speed.

premium pointvpn

Other VPNs

There are other VPNs for Chrome that we can use which are among the most common. Some of them are paid but we can use them on many devices simultaneously and they give us total protection and more speed.


NordVPN is one of the most frequent and recommended for all areas and with many customization options and servers. It is multi-device because you can use it on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android… but it also has extensions for the browser and you can use the VPN in Chrome. Of course, it has a downside: you have to pay to use it, it’s not free.


There are several plans depending on whether you sign up for two years, one year, or one month, and prices start at $4.13 per month, but with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so there will be no problem with try it for a month free of charge. and decide whether you want to continue using it or not. Without permanence or risk.

NordVPN VPN for Chrome allows us to protect the “online experience” but with the usual speed, without slowing down. Allows you to block ads and malicious websites or protect your IP address. Just choose the region and activate it from a browser taskbar button. Once the download from chrome web store we can connect and start using it to browse the Internet, activating or deactivating the different options. There are up to sixty regions available where NordVPN has servers.


surf shark

Another option well known to everyone is Surfshark, one of the most common. An extension that we can use in the browser that protects our browsing history and protects our sensitive data. All you need to do is create a Surfshark account, choose the package that suits you, download the VPN browser extension… and connect. We connect, connect and choose the server we want to hide the IP and browse the Internet safely or to bypass regional blocks, for example.

surfshark extension

In addition, they explain from the page that it has services such as Cleanweb which takes care of removing advertisements. Or we may mask the IP address so that no one knows where you are connecting from. It also has private DNS and unlimited devices. That is, we can use and connect all devices simultaneously to the VPN.

Of course, like the previous one, it comes from Payment. If we buy a two-year plan, we have priced at $2.49 per month. But we can also pay month to month for $12.95 or pay for six months for $6.49 per month. You have a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days.

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