I didn’t realize how good mobile browsing could be until I bought an iPad a few months ago!

TLDR: Browsing the web on a phone has proven to be very clumsy and inefficient to use. I have the 11 inch iPad Pro and it is really good for web browsing.
I’m the kind of person who not only likes to always be “productive” doing something I need or want to do, whether important or occasional, but who thinks a lot about how many things I do at day by day. I used to love reading articles I saved on Pocket, but now I don’t, but for years I’ve been accumulating many browser bookmarks on my computer of things to read later. Things that may involve browsing multiple web pages or doing Google searches and therefore not doable on a phone.

Sometimes I was trying to browse these bookmarks on my (android) phone, and even though it’s large at 6.5 inches, it would be very clunky to work with the user interfaces, walk-to-read pages, and so on. was just very unproductive and cramped. At the end of March, I woke up one day and realized that it would be much better if I had an iPad, so very soon I went to the Apple Store and bought the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches (since the ProMotion 120Hz screens looked and still look great!) To see which size is best, 11 inches is best for walks*.

I really like being able to view desktop websites instead of mobile sites, especially ones like Reddit which I watch a lot. On walks it doesn’t feel clunky to use unlike my phone. I’m much more productive on it than on my phone, and I didn’t realize this was possible sooner. I can finally review all those bookmarks I had on the back burner, and it helps me in another way. When I would have things like Reddit posts open, I’d rather not bookmark them because I literally have thousands of bookmarks on Firefox, and instead I’d leave tabs open to read later, adding up to tons, maybe hundreds of tabs. Now I can URLs multiple tabs at once with this extension copytabtitleurlthen paste them on this shortcut on my iPad with Universal Clipboard (which shares the clipboard between Mac and IOS):

The shortcut shows all the URLs in my iPad’s clipboard to make sure it was copied, in a dialog box with “cancel” and “OK” buttons. Press OK to open tabs in Safari.

I actually spent a lot of time figuring out how to send multiple tabs to iOS at once, and this seems like the best way to do it. I just really wanted to share this. Anyway, do you have any thoughts on this? Do you feel the same by any chance?

*maybe reading on your iPad while walking is not recommended, but I ALWAYS put it down before and when crossing the street, and watch where I walk frequently. I’ve been doing it for years.
Off topic: My Android phone recently crashed, and if for some reason you think it was clunky to use because of Android, I recently had an iPhone 13 Pro Max to try, and browsing on this one also looks clunky.

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