Instagram’s new messaging features allow users to reply to messages while browsing the app

After WhatsApp, Instagram has now launched a series of new messaging features that will allow users to multitask on the app. The features were announced via a blog post on Instagram websites and will be rolling out to users in select countries. The features will allow users to browse their feed while chatting with other users at the same time, among other key features.

In the official blog post published on March 31, 2022, Instagram said that “we are introducing several new messaging features, including the ability to share music previews, send a silent message, the ability to see who is online to chat and more”. On top of that, the social media platform said, “This announcement is part of our ongoing work to improve the way you connect and share with your closest friends.” Find more details on the new Instagram messaging features below.

New Instagram messaging features

  • Reply while browsing: while browsing the app, users can now reply to messages without opening their inbox, which is much more convenient than before.
  • Quickly send to your friends: users will now be able to share any post with their closest friends on the platform at the touch of a button.
  • See who’s online: at the top of their inbox, users will be able to see who is free to chat, giving them more opportunities to connect with friends.
  • Users can now share a preview of a song from Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify to their friends who will be able to listen for 30 seconds in preview directly from the chat.
  • Much like the feature on Messenger, Instagram users can now send silent messages to other users on the platform using the @slient tag.
  • Instagram has released a new lo-fi chat theme for users to try out.
  • In an Instagram group chat, users will now be able to create a poll, which was previously possible on Messenger.

As of this writing, the new Instagram messaging features are available in select countries. However, the platform plans to expand globally. Therefore, some users may have to wait to get their hands on the new features that make it easier to message and connect with friends in the app. Stay tuned for more new techniques.

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