Kaspersky Safe Kids recognized for its ability to ensure safe browsing for children – Citizens Journal Malaysia

Kaspersky Safe Kids, a parental monitoring system, has been recognized as having a comprehensive breakdown of features needed to protect children on desktop computers and mobile devices.

The test carried out by AV-TEST noted a high level of detection of website categories and the ability to manage this access, on all devices using Android, Windows and iOS.

The test results also showed a reliable level of restriction on inappropriate web pages, which allows safe browsing for children.

David Walkiewicz, director of AV-Test testing research, the results were based on its performance in 2021. He added that the organization had tested Kaspersky Safe Kids for the sixth time, earning it the certification.

“Kaspersky’s Parental Control improves steadily every year it is evaluated. New protection features are extended and existing ones are improved. It offers very comprehensive protection and can give parents some confidence to leave their children online, as well as safeguards in the offline world,” David said.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids solution has been certified for its ability to protect children from the dangers of the Internet.

According to AV-TEST, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides a high level of website protection as it blocked an average of 90% of potentially inappropriate links on Windows and 85% on Android.

The highest score among blocked content categories was achieved in “Adult Content” with 100% of links detected and blocked in Windows. Kaspersky Safe Kids blocks websites from 14 different categories in 15 languages.

Application control in Kaspersky Safe Kids allows parents to block apps by category on Android and Windows, while this option works using age criteria defined in the App Store on iOS devices.

It helps parents to limit access to all social media apps or a specific app and limit the number of times kids can use it.

Some of its outstanding features include search engine monitoring which ensures that only relevant content is accessible online; geo-fencing and child mobile gadget location tracking. Other important features are device battery monitoring and low battery alerts; time and schedule restrictions to encourage a balanced amount of device usage.

Kaspersky Safe Kids also has a comprehensive and informative reporting function. It displays detailed search results and social media activity. It can highlight the web content visited or if there was an attempt to evade the parental control app.

Such reports can help parents effectively track their children’s digital activity, as well as better understand their hobbies and interests.

Parents are turning to parental control apps to keep their children’s digital experience safe, as children use devices from an early age to access the internet.

These apps can help protect children from inappropriate content on the web while regulating time spent on devices. It can even show the child’s physical location, if their gadget has a tracking app installed.

Kaspersky Vice President of Consumer Product Marketing Marina Titova says parental control apps could do more than just provide a safe online experience for children by allowing adults to manage access to inappropriate content. .

“With the help of such apps, parents can also form their child’s relationship with the devices as they see fit and establish certain habits. We are very happy that Kaspersky Safe Kids has been recognized for providing comprehensive protection tools for children and their devices, as well as for the ever-increasing quality of website categorization,” said Marina.

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