Know How to Hide Your Amazon Browsing History in Simple Steps

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You can delete selected items from Amazon browsing history.
If you want, you can also delete all browser history.
You can also prevent Amazon from tracking your browsing history.

New Delhi. If you’re planning a surprise for someone, your Amazon is a great place to buy everything from gifts and baking items to decorations, but if you’re sharing your Amazon account, your surprise gift information may already have been disclosed. .

In such a situation, your surprise may be spoiled. So, if you create a surprise plan for a specific person and you don’t want your Amazon browsing history to spoil your surprise, you can delete selected items from your Amazon browsing history.

However, you can also prevent Amazon from tracking your browsing history. Note that by disabling this feature, Amazon will also prevent you from giving recommendations for future purchases. If you still want to choose this option, you can select it.

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How to Hide Your Amazon Web Browsing History?

For this, open the Amazon India website and log into your account. Now, at the top right of the window, click on List of accounts and options option and then click on Your recommendation option from the drop-down menu. Now click on the Your browsing history option from the top menu bar. In the next page, you will see your Amazon browsing history. To view individual items, click the From View button next to each item and delete the item you want to remove.

To completely clear your browsing history on Amazon, click the down arrow next to History Management in the upper-right corner of the window and select Delete All View Button Items. Now, to prevent Amazon from tracking your browsing history in the future, turn off the “Enable/Disable browsing history” button.

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How to hide your browsing history in the Amazon app?

First, open the Amazon app on your Android or iPhone smartphone. Now tap on the three horizontal lines button that appears in the bottom right corner of the app. Now tap the Account button at the bottom. Here, under the Account Settings option, tap on the Recently Viewed Items option.

To remove individual items, tap View next to each item. To delete all items from your Amazon web browsing history, tap the Delete All Items From View option. Now tap Enable recent view to stop Amazon from tracking your browsing history.

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