Latest Google Update Brings Safer Browsing, New Home Screen, Better Translation and More to Chrome on iOS

  • Google introduces improved safe browsing, autofill passwords and more for Chromium on iOS.
  • Improved Safe Browsing was previously present on Android
  • Google said more features will be coming to Chrome on iOS in the coming weeks.

Google recently rolled out Chrome 103 for iOS, Android, and desktops with improvements like enhanced protection, which is supposed to protect users against phishing and malware attacks. Other features include auto-fill passwords, a revamped home screen, improved website language translation, and Chrome actions.

Features like Enhanced Safe Browsing were already present on Android and desktop versions of Chrome. Google also said more features will be coming to Chrome on iOS in the coming weeks.

New features coming to Chrome for iOS

Improved Safe Browsing

With this new feature, users will get enhanced protection against malware, phishing, and other web threats.

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When the user enables the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature, Chrome predicts and warns if a website is unsafe by sending verification information. Chrome will also notify you when your username or password has been compromised.

To enable Enhanced Safe Browsing-

  • Update your Chrome to its latest version.
  • Then click More > Settings > Enhanced Safe Browsing

Autofill passwords

With this update, Google adds password autofill functionality. It will autofill your password on any app or website.

To enable autofill passwords-

  • Open Chrome on iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “Passwords”.
  • Then tap “Passwords in other apps”.
  • Then click “Open Settings”. This will take you to “Passwords”, tap on “Autofill password” and select “Chrome” to enable autofill passwords.

Revamped home screen

This feature brings the redesigned main Chrome screen. A new interface helps discover new content or start a new search. Meanwhile, users will still be able to see recent tabs and frequently visited websites.

Improved website language translation

Chrome for iOS and iPad gets improved website language translation. This feature uses on-device machine learning to make websites available in your local language.

Chrome Stocks

Google has not yet added this feature, but once released, users can access different features from the Chrome address bar, such as clearing browsing data, setting Chrome as default browser and opening a private browsing tab or window.

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