LayerX Raises $7.5M in Seed Funding to Tackle Safe Web Browsing

Israeli startup LayerX has joined the list of companies noting investor interest in the tricky enterprise browser market.

Tel Aviv-based LayerX emerged from the shadows on Monday with $7.5 million in seed funding and ambitious plans to develop technology to turn any web browser into a secure and secure workspace. manageable.

The first funding round was led by Glilot Capital Partners, alongside Int3, Mastercard’s FinSec Innovation Lab, Enel X, GuideStar and Kmehin ventures.

Despite rampant doubts about product category and market size, LayerX joins several startups that have recently secured massive funding (some at “unicorn” valuations) to work on enterprise browser products.

Competing companies include Talon Cyber ​​Security, a startup that raised $143 million to create a security-themed enterprise browser based on Chromium; Island, a Texas-based company that secured $225 million in venture capital to work on enterprise navigation software; and Red Access, an Israeli company promising technology “to secure every web session on any browser, app and device” for enterprise customers.

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LayerX positions itself as a direct alternative to rivals Talon and Island with a platform that protects the entire browser ecosystem without forcing your users to switch, fully or partially, to a new browser.

“LayerX’s platform mitigates the same browser security risks as Talon and Island, while focusing more on the browsing process itself and retaining all of the security and productivity benefits provided by commercial browsers” , the company said.

“The enterprise browser introduces inevitable blind spots, resulting from the side-by-side deployment of the enterprise browser and the commercial browser. With LayerX, these gaps do not exist in the first place because there is only one browser to monitor and control, providing an airtight security blanket to any browsing activity performed by users,” LayerX said.

LayerX says its approach is ideal for enterprises because it works in tandem with all commercially available browsers, allowing employees to retain existing browsing preferences while giving security administrators tools to modify the browser in a space. secure and customizable workplace.

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