Manta Business Directory updates to help you get discovered

Manta this week announced a new set of tools that the company says will help get your small business noticed.

The Manta Business Directory is a long-standing online resource. Registering your business profile makes your business more visible, especially locally. Listings have traditionally included vital information like a phone number, site address, or hours of operation.

But the company says it hopes the new tools will expand its current offerings and help small businesses find themselves in as many places at once as possible while getting their name online.

In an interview with Small Business Trends, Manta CEO John Swanciger talked about revamping the company’s core offering, including a website revamp.

“We focused on the basic needs of the small business community,” Swanciger said. “[The new products] are here to help businesses find themselves, grow and succeed.

Here’s what Manta now offers small businesses to help them get noticed and automate their online marketing efforts:

Manta priority research

This tool helps your business get noticed when people search for products on Google.

The Priority Search offer promises to get “clicks and calls” for your business by listing your products as locally available when someone searches for them.

Manta says he conducted his own research to find that search engine referrals are a company’s second most valuable asset.

Announcements Manta

Advertising generally helps to make your business stand out from the rest. And Manta says this new product will put your business front and center when visitors to its site search for businesses like yours.

The company claims that your business can target thousands of different customers through the use of Manta Ads.

Manta Registration Manager

This new tool may be most valuable for small business owners who are exhausted from the sheer number of online platforms they have to regularly promote themselves on. Rather than visiting the countless business registration sites and services currently available, Manta can help you access around 50 of them by completing a single profile.

Swanciger noted two such sites in particular, Facebook and Yahoo.

Apart from these automation and advertising tools, Manta has also launched a content hub and updated its community forums.

The new content hub is packed with information on a myriad of topics that could help small businesses. And there are plenty of participants on these forums who share their experiences with the rest of the Manta community, Swanciger says.

In an official press release on the company’s website, he explained:

“Our objective advice and their active engagement is the right formula for making informed decisions about the unique success factors of their unique business.”

Image: Mantis

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