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Mason Jewelers reopens after robbery

Screenwriter / Christy Heitger-Ewing
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It wasthe way Scott Mason was planning to usher in March when, in the early hours of March 1, two masked men burst into the back entrance of Mason Jewelers and began furiously smashing glass display cases with a hammer, then sinking shiny goods into plastic bins. In a minute and 40 seconds they’d made off with thousands of dollarsjewelry value.

I was shocked to get the call, first from the alarm company and then from the police,” Mason says. II’ve been doing this for 40 years and never had to deal with this before.

MasonHarold’s father, a watchmaker, founded the company in Greencastle in 1957. The family opened a second boutique in Plainfield in 1982.

Dad introduced me and my brother Steve to the business,” Mason says. Steve runs the store in Greencastle and I run this one.

The main lesson Harold instilled in his sons is that customers come first. As a result, they always go above and beyond customer expectations. For example, they proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all new and used jewelry. There are no stipulations on this lifetime warranty, such as the need to bring it in for inspection every six months.

We guarantee it for life,” says Mason.

They also show their customers love by just not smothering them when they walk in.

II heard people say, II will never go back to XYZ jewelry store because the sales people pounced on me from the start,” Mason says. we donDon’t use pressure selling.

Their team, consisting of Mason and his son Anthony as well as Stephanie Russell, Angela Dell, Andee Yablonowski and Carol Middleton, are here to help customers in any way they can. They invite customers to take their time to search. ThatThis is precisely why they have built great relationships over the years. In fact, when Anthony posted about the theft on social media, dozens of customers expressed their support and concern.

II’m so sorry,” Trudy Tharp wrote. You are such wonderful people.

Patrick Quilin wrote: From a grateful community, your losses are our losses. Please let us know how we can help you.

People have reached out to say how relieved they are that everyone is safe.

ThatThat’s also what Mason focused on. Although it was a heartbreaking experience to be robbed, Masons first two thoughts were for his customers – he was relieved the theft hadn’tIt didn’t take place during business hours so no one was hurt, and also relieved that no customer jewelery was touched as everything was stored in a safe.

Mason invites the community to stop by this month for their grand reopening sale, which includes a promotion.

Mason Jewelers is located at 1822 East Main Street in Plainfield. For more information, call 317-839-3202 or visit

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