Microsoft Edge Secure Network offers up to 1 GB of protected browsing

Microsoft has launched a VPN service for its browser. Called Edge Secure Network, the service functions as an integrated VPN that protects the user’s identity while browsing the Internet. A few other browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome offer paid VPN service to their users. Keep reading to learn more about Edge Secure Network, its features, and the data cap decided by the company.

In the official support message, Microsoft mentions “Edge helps you stay safe online. However, the networks you join may not be secure enough”. On top of that, the Redmon-based company says, “Microsoft Edge Secure Network can help protect your device and sensitive data while you browse.” The message also states that Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a preview feature, implying that it is currently in development.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Features

  • The Microsoft Edge Secure Network encrypts users’ Internet connections to help protect their data from hackers.
  • By encrypting information that travels between a user’s computer and servers, Microsoft Edge Secure Network helps prevent users’ Internet service providers from collecting their browsing data.
  • Like other virtual private networks, Microsoft Edge Secure Network also allows users to keep their location and IP address private.
  • Those who log into Microsoft Edge using their Microsoft account will get 1GB of free data every month, which isn’t much but definitely something to get users started.

The company also mentions that Microsoft Edge Secure Network is provided in conjunction with Cloudflare. “Cloudflare is committed to privacy and collects a limited amount of Diagnostic and Support Data acting as a data processor to Microsoft in order to provide the Services. Cloudflare permanently deletes Diagnostic and Support Data collected every 25 hours.”

In related news, Microsoft plans to run ads on free Xbox games. Microsoft is aware that showing ads while players are enjoying a game can be irritating and therefore the company is working on developing a private market, in which it would only allow certain companies or brands. Also, Microsoft doesn’t want to take any of the ad revenue. Instead, it will allow game developers and advertising companies to share in the revenue.

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