More groups offer resources after Hope Network addiction treatment centers close

Earlier this month, Hope Network announced that it was closing each of its addiction treatment centers, effective May 20.

Now other groups are stepping in to help fill the void left in treatment services.

“Every time a treatment facility closes it’s devastating for the population we serve, there’s not enough treatment for people as it is, so when we lose a large network it can be devastating for people trying to access care,” says Linda Davis, executive director of Families Against Narcotics.

Families Against Narcotics is a Michigan-wide organization that helps with substance abuse disorders.

“We’re an access-to-care facility, so when people are looking for treatment facilities, we help find places that have beds available,” says Davis.

Not everyone even knows how to start getting healed, but they have plenty of answers.

“We’ve partnered with 112 Michigan State Police Departments who will treat you kindly, non-judgmentally, when you walk in they don’t ask you a lot of questions, they take your name and they call one of our benevolent angels. ”

The angels Davis talks about are part of the Michigan State Police Angel Program.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Traverse Police joined the Angel program in 2021.

“They have to come here to the law enforcement center and indicate that they want to be part of the program, then immediately if they need medical attention, we attend to it, and then we connect them with an angel who can help them start the treatment process,” says Grand Traverse County Captain Chris Clark.

The one thing they want people struggling with addiction to know is that they don’t pass judgment on themselves or their past.

“When the Angel program started, the focus was on treating the person, not treating or passing off what they might have done criminally, before that,” Clark explains.

To explore different resources like these, you can call the Family Narcotics Helpline on their website.

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