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Opening of a new auto retail store in Greenwood

Screenwriter / Renée Larr
Photographer / Brandi Caplinger

Car people are a different breed. We all know the type – your neighbor who only takes his Corvette out in perfect weather conditions, or your dad, whose 1960s Ford Mustang is not only immaculate inside, but also under the hood. Enter My Baby Detailing.

In March, the new high-end auto detailing store opened in Greenwood. Owner Dave Barnett owns nearby Christian Brothers Automotive. He opened My Baby Detailing to supplement his auto repair business.

Greenwood is a real car town and there are a lot of car enthusiasts,” he says. In this town, every Saturday night, everyone gathers downtown at the Suds. Next door at Christian Brothers we have lots of vintage, classic and cool cars. We have noticed that there are a lot of people who really care about keeping their vehicles in top condition. When the property right next to our store became available, I thought it would be the perfect place and time to open a retail store.

Barnett is a car guy himself, so he knows what owners want and need when caring for their baby. It offers service inside, outside and even under the hood to keep cars, trucks and motorcycles in top condition.

Services include hand wash, wax, exterior detailing, interior cleaning, deodorizing, interior detailing, headlight restoration, engine cleaning and detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, glass treatment, scratch removal, paintless dent repair and window tinting. put onI don’t think My Baby Detailing ist for you just because you drive a van.

We take great care of those who have to vacuum up fries that the kids have dropped in the back seat, just like we do for someone with a vintage car,” says Barnett. We offer basic services for those who need it, then upscale services like ceramic coatings for those taking their car to car shows.

Barnett says their $49 car wash service sets them apart from other car washes and that hand washing is a very gentle process. He says the vehicle is completely dried and the customers wondon’t leave with water dripping from their windows and mirrors.

My Baby Detailing offers a courtesy shuttle to take customers to their home or office while their car is being repaired. The lobby offers free Wi-Fi, snacks, and automotive magazines to help pass the time if guests choose to wait. As a resident of Greenwood, Barnett knows that customer service is key.

The community response so far has been great,” he says. A local Center Grove resident was driving by recently and saw the sign. He said he likes to support local businesses, so he entrusted us with the care of his beautiful 1955 Chevrolet. II don’t know if many people know usWe’re still here because we’re so new, but those who found us have been so supportive, it’s encouraging.My baby details

Barnett says his staff is all cars. He knows owners can be extreme with their automobile and says if you’ve ever called your vehicle My baby”, so welcome to the family.

My Baby Detailing is located at 4981 West Smith Valley Road in Greenwood. For more information, call 317-360-9222 or visit

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