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A recently launched online business-to-business circular economy directory is a New Zealand first to help businesses discover and use innovative circular products and services.

The first of its kind, the Circular Economy Directory will help businesses transition to a circular economy model where products and materials are designed to reduce waste and carbon emissions by keeping existing products in circulation longer.

Businesses looking to do the right thing can find vendors who have listed their products and services. Categories include carbon reduction, sharing and exchanging existing resources, and life extension, and can be easily found through the search function.

Sustainable Business Network (SBN), through a public-private partnership, created the directory to help businesses transition from a linear to a circular economy at greater speed and scale.

James Griffin, managing director of projects and consultancy at SBN, says the new circular economy directory will be a valuable resource.

“Companies don’t know who can help them or where to find them. So we created a one-stop shop to give them access to what they need.”

Innovative recycling social enterprise Critical is looking to partner with companies that have upcoming building projects to give plastic waste new life. Like the nearly 9,000 plastic milk bottles that were used to build Kōkako Organic Coffee Roasters’ new cafe.

Critical Managing Director Rui Peng says, “We understand that businesses have issues with plastics and zero waste commitments that are not easy to resolve. In addition, they want products that are durable while being able to tell a great story to their customers. We hope not only to solve these problems, but also to solve one of the greatest pollution crises of our generation. The directory provides a much-needed channel for businesses looking for innovative ways to reuse existing materials as well as other circular economy practices.

Griffin warns that pressure from government regulations and customers means change is coming and urges companies to act now.

“The Circular Economy Directory exists to easily find solutions to the problems we face today. It provides access to innovative products and services that help regenerate our world rather than degrade it,” says Griffin .

Griffin encourages people to join the online launch and find out how they can be part of the solution.

View the directory here:

If we don’t invest in the circular economy, we will soon be investing in more chaotic price hikes and supply shortages. Do it now, and we can be global leaders in high-value innovation. Read Andy Kenworthy’s articleGo circular to end supply chain chaos’ on page 26 of the May quarterly edition of NZ Business.

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