New Chromebook to browse the web safely or virtual machine?

My primary laptop is a Dell XPS 15 9550 which I’ve been using for over 5 years. It’s an old laptop but it works fine. I had done a clean reinstall of it not too long ago, but noticed that the laptop seemed to lag much further behind than before. Is there a way to find out why? I normally have a ton of chrome tabs and it doesn’t seem to have any lag like this. However, I got Kaspersky Total Internet Security, what could be a reason? I use this laptop mainly for playing online poker… which is what I do, but also for online banking, youtube etc. 32GB. So there’s plenty of space on the hard drive and the RAM is, I believe, maxed out. I use windows ten pro with. Would most agree that this laptop is still suitable for today’s use? I was surprised that some people today mentioned some i5 laptops that cost around $600… would be much faster than the current Dell XPS laptop I have? I remember when I bought it it was known as quad core and therefore faster than any U series laptop over 5 years ago. But you sacrifice the battery if you want it to be fast. Is it still like that nowadays?

A few years ago I bought an Acer Chromebook and paid over $300 for it. It is a 14 inch screen and a Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM. It only has 32GB of ssd space…which I believe is more like 27GB once you boot it up due to apps or whatever. But years ago, I remember 32GB was the norm for Chromebooks. I still believe it’s the most popular today, although some Chromebooks have more than that. But of course, it seems ridiculous to pay a lot of money for a chromebook. I have no problem with space as I would connect an external hard drive when downloading files. The main problem is for a while the screen has tons of issues and several buttons on my laptop don’t work. Specifically, only number keys 1-4. But the main problem is the screen, because unless you have it at an exact angle, like when you move the screen… it would keep flickering and zapping so to speak. The screen is basically messed up unless I place it at exactly a certain angle. And even if I do that…sometimes the screen starts flickering etc.

Now, the main purpose I bought this Chromebook for was because I wanted to browse the web with it. By this I mean web browsing sites and Google searches where even if I get malware or viruses I would not be concerned. I would also stream sports from these sites and of course adult sites. I didn’t mean to use the P-word… but is it allowed here? Now, based on that…should I buy another Chromebook or not? I would take the same size if so but a little smaller I wouldn’t mind.

Now, I’ve also heard of people having virtual machines. I remember people saying… you could literally use your main laptop for your main tasks… but make it a virtual machine. So anything you do on that VM when you’re logged into the other account… won’t affect your main machine. Can someone explain in detail how this works? So what operating system would this part of the laptop be? Linux? Or is it just called a virtual machine? So when I log in to the VM… if I stream adult streaming sites, online tv sites or download adult videos/pictures from sites that might not be safe… does this protect my main machine? Thing is, I also do online banking on my main machine… so it doesn’t seem safe? I remember seeing videos of a guy intentionally downloading viruses or putting in a USB drive that might contain malware and it ended up containing malware… but I believe they used a virtual machine to do it. But I don’t know if they had any problems restoring their computer.

So based on these details…should I just buy another Chromebook? Should I buy another Windows computer instead and use it as a virtual machine? If I just do it under Linux… is that a good idea? The last option would be to use my main windows ten laptop…but make it a virtual machine. But that doesn’t really sit well with me for some reason. For example, get malware or viruses, then I may have to reinstall the whole machine? Or would it just be this part of it…and not the Windows Ten Pro part of it? I know if you have any issues with your Chromebook or if you get malware…there is an option to power clean it and it would be like new…even though I’ve never used that option.

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